Did we not play some 2 man line last year?

Of course Ridgeway shooting A gap or B gap would be a joyous dream this year, but that gap penetration seems better suited to our personnel this year for upfront and LB/second level would be tacklers. We are in the 110’s for tackling percentage in all FBS. I know we miss Catalon but could he have made that much difference singularly? Must be killing him watch what is happening for tackling.

We have very limited inside presence or talent and more wide talent for bringing pressure. Sure as heck cannot get much worse than our 3 man mystery rush.

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Nowhere in our defense do I see aggressive physical play. What teams in the SEC are successful with the 3 man front? Why are they successful and we are have limited success?

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Yes. Catalon is a difference maker. I go back to the Tennessee game two years ago. Vols uses a new blocking scheme and wore out our front in first quarter. We figured it out late in second quarter and changed slants up front. In the meantime, Catalon made 11 tackles in first quarter. It was a great defensive display.

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Aloha Clay,
Once again, a very astute observation.
Catalon’s injury and our lack of a dominating DL can’t be under estimated. Hogs have little depth and to lose an All-American safety is a huge body blow. Meanwhile Carter has yet to play a down this season, arguably our best DL.
UA…Campus of Champions

It seems like our best hope on the DL is via the portal. I cant remember a recent recruit that has excelled.

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