Did we just get a commit

In baseball for 2020? Top 25 kid?


To whom are you referring?

Yes. I just wrote about him. His name is Robert Moore and he is the son of the Kansas City Royals’ general manager, Dayton Moore.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … t-commit-/

What’s the chances (I know it’s early) that he makes it on campus?

I think it is too early to know. I got the sense in talking to him that he wants to play college baseball, but a lot can change between 16 and 18.

So true. And money talks. Thanks, Matt.

Matt in your opinion does his dad being in baseball at a high level help or hurt his going to school? I could see how financial security and having someone who knows how the minor leagues work might be in the Hogs’ favor as far as his making it to campus.

The family’s connection to baseball actually works both ways in this one. Generally, we worry about kids just taking the money and foregoing school. That is less likely to be in play here. Of course, the money for a top pick will be difficult to turn down, but I think the eventual decision will come down purely to development and what they think is best for the kid. I have heard that there is a lot of respect from the family for the AR program.

Like I said last night, it’s just too early to know what he is going to do. I wouldn’t want to begin to speculate about what is going through his mind or his father’s mind, or what they may or may not do. I do think any time a high school player has an affiliation with someone who knows the business, it’s a good thing for the young man because he is going to be getting advice he can trust.

Hopefully it’s a positive coming from a baseball family and seeing what the development will be playing in the SEC as opposed to climbing the ladder in the minors… I believe that’s the third Top 25 player committed to DVH in this class?