Did we just back into a situation that saves our program?

I think we just might have saved this program.

Most of us were hoping for a big name to show the country we are serious in getting off the mat.

Sounds like we got a guy who is highly respected in coaching circles and more than capable of attracting many in the coaching profession who want to work for him as well as a long time demonstrated recruiting acumen among the best anywhere.

We went with experience with something more to prove.

I like that a lot.

I think we may have just saved our program.


I think so as well, this has been hard on a lot of us

The rebuilding just started

I am really happy we got Sam Pittman.


“Sometimes nothing, is a pretty cool hand…”

We’re Razorbacks fans…we’ll get in right behind the guy and support him and see where he takes us.

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First time I’ve been excited about razorback football in months. And it feels really good. Plz don’t spoil this for me…had forgotten how to feel this way:grinning:

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Very excited to get started covering another staff.


He is my head coach and u support him!

He is a good dude, he cares and he has passion and knowledge for his job.

How that translates to hiring a great staff and success, well, we will just have to wait and see.

It’s why classifying it as a great hire or a bad one is just silly right now.


Great points, Dudley. I agree.

Not ready to have blind faith in BOT leadership that contributed to this historical low point.

Just wonder if we didn’t hit a lot of the right marks we need at this historically low point to get out of the Abyss.

My thoughts exactly, not an instant turnaround but someeone to get us bask on track.

I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic. It all depends on the staff he puts together.

I for one am very happy. I did t want a coach with questionable ethics. I have been accused of wanting a “choir boy.” Not true (though what the hell is with choir?!?! Ha). What I DID want was someone that I was proud to say was coach. That young men could look up to and emulate. Someone with charisma and who could relate to kids and therefore change their lives.

We just got that.

We also just got someone that will have us playing physical again. Someone that can use one of our greatest advantages—kids that wanna come to be a Hog and who are willing to develop into great Hog lineman.

We got someone who can and will assemble a great staff.

As for the rest…tactics, scheme, game management, all that…we shall have to wait and see.

There are no guarantees. There was no guarantee Dabo was elevated. Or Kirby Shaw given a shot. Pittman has a huge rebuild on his hands. But one thing for sure—he wanted the rebuild. He didn’t run from it.

Let’s go.

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I agree. Give me a man that really wants to be here over one that wants money any day.

I’m extremely happy because I think start building the foundation of this house which is always the line of scrimmage. We can sign the pretty boys later, what we have to have is mean nasty offensive and defensive lineman and I think he can bring that in better than anybody in the country.

We are probably 2-3 years away from being where we want to be but I have no doubt he will bring in some incredible lineman,and hire a staff that is capable of bringing in the rest of the team…

he will have to go through a lot these first couple years hopefully we can show improvement and get the kind of people we need to compete in this division.

I am very excited to see who he hires for his staff, but he will be very passionate and these kids will probably work harder than they’ve ever had to work in their life which can never be a bad thing

I think we would all be shocked at the lack of interest in our HC job. In the end, you have to hire someone that truly WANTS the job. In this search, I think there were two that genuinely wanted it, Drink & Pitt. So HY had to choose. There are trade offs with every decision and there were obvious ones with this one. With one you get a young coach with huge potential but little experience and ties to hire coaches and recruit on the SEC stage. You may regret not getting this guy someday, or we just avoided Chad Morris 2.0. The other is a veteran with coaching ties and history of recruiting but a wild card when it come to being a HC. I think in the end this was the safer pick that could make us relevant again. We will only know in about years, but we need to give him that time or we will have an even more difficult time getting the next coach.

This is a man I respect as both a person and a coach. He fits for what I think a Razorback coach should be in those two categories alone. He will emphasize the recruitment of linemen and then develop them as players and men. If you know me and what I think are the most important part of the game and life, then you know that I like this hire.

The program needed someone like him – and I don’t know enough about some of the perceived candidates to know if one of them would have fit the same – at this point in where it has fallen.

Danny Ford was an old O-line coach. I do not think he was a coordinator before he became head coach at Clemson. He had been OL coach. It’s hard to tell sometimes because there were times that head coaches did not designate coordinators. I think he was perfect for where Arkansas was when Broyles elevated him from analyst or consultant. He recruited linemen on both sides of the ball. Now he didn’t have the relationships with players like Pittman will and/or does. But he fixed the problem and that was line talent in the program.


Beachedhog, it may not have been the lack of interest and we probably wont know the full story of what went on with Kiffin and the search in general. IMO we got a premier OL Coach who can evaluate and Coach-up the nasties. He and Coach O appear to be very similar in their backgrounds, great OL coach, the best recruiters, etc. Coach Pitt will hire some great coordinators much like Coach O did and the Hogs will be on their way!

Well this was a complete surprise to me. The man deserves a chance and he will get from me. Pittman is known for his players being hard-nosed, tough and gritty… If we can end the pansy a$$ed effort our team has been showing it will be a step in the right direction.