Did we get a good draw?

None seem extremely tough

Good question.

Anybody care to take a chance in laying this out for US?

I know the SEC very well but ORU Etc, I don’t. Then can we make the CW series??

This is no easy draw and shouldn’t be because it is the NCAA Tournament. Oral Roberts usually gives Arkansas fits. Dallas Baptist has a reputation of pulling the upset in the NCAA and is a very good team. So is Southern Miss, who has a starter with a 1.13 ERA in 14 (?) starts. The winner of this regional plays the winner of the East Carolina regional, which has South Carolina. The Road to Omaha will not be easy just because it goes through Baum.

I’ll defer to others who know baseball much better than I, but I think we got a good draw. Every #2 seed in a regional is pretty good. By definition, they’re top 32 in the country, so as the #5 seed overall, I can’t complain about USM as our #2. Dallas Bapt is #3. They were very good 3-4 years ago & still have a good program. Considering that its a school no one even knew existed 10 years ago, I’d say they’re still incredibly successful. Sitll, they were one of the last 5 in according to ESPN. They’re good enough to beat USM & us if we play poorly, but they’re not especially scary to me.

ORU is our first round #4 seed draw. We beat them twice in the regional last year, but got behind the sticks by losing our second game to MoSt. I think we’ll beat them this year, but will have to bring our A game to beat USM/DB winner on Saturday. Still, I like our chances at that. If we win the first 2, our chances to advance go way up

ORU has the pitcher of the year in the Summit League by the name of Miguel Ausua. He is a left handed pitcher, which tends to give the Hogs fits. We will have to be on the top of our game to win the opener.

We beat Ausua in the regional last year but he pitched well. It was a 3-0 game.

We did not hit the LH very well at all last year Stefan was just overpowering for us.

I’m more concerned if it is a junk ball pitcher. We have problems with pitchers that throw a lot of breaking stuff.

A good lefty and the wind blowing in from right seems to be kryptonite for our lefty lineup. I know Cole, Shaddy, Martin, Bonfield and Koch will all go from the right side, but Kjerstad seems to struggle a little more as does Fletcher. It’s not a certain kryptonite because, after all, the Hogs are 30-3 at home. I can’t remember how the wind blew in those three losses, but if I were betting (and there’s a reason I don’t), if there were a significant wind I’d say it probably blew in from right field in those losses.

He has a very good breaking ball very tough on left-handers we have a better hitting team this year right handed with a Shaddy getting better and of course Martin and cole is always a good hitter right handed…Bonfield hitting well and Koch is more of a factor against left-handers as well

We lost 3 games at Baum this year. 2 TO USC 1 to Kent State

USC 3-1 Southern Cal—LOL 2 USC’s
Win - Longrie, Q. (2-0). Loss - I. Campbell (1-1). Save - Lunn, C. (5).
WP - M. Cronin 2(2). Pitches/strikes: Longrie, Q. 99/56; Wegman, B. 16/8; Lunn, C. 14/8; I. Campbell 73/43; M.
Cronin 55/36; C. Scroggins 10/7.

Kent State 10-4
Win - Havekost (1-0). Loss - I. Campbell (1-2). Save - None.
WP - I. Campbell(2); C. Scroggins(1). HBP - by I. Campbell (Parks); by Havekost (C. Opitz). PB - C. Opitz(1).
Pitches/strikes: Wollersheim 63/41; Havekost 56/39; Mathews 48/30; I. Campbell 73/42; J. Reindl 41/22; M. Cronin
8/5; C. Scroggins 5/1; C. Bolden 27/12; J Kostyshock 3/3; Z Vermillion 8/5.

3rd loss–3-2 to USC
Win - Bridges (2-0). Loss - B. Loseke (0-1). Save - Demurias (3).
WP - K. Ramage(6). CI - Taylor. Pitches/strikes: L. Chapman 73/45; Bridges 55/37; Demurias 41/29; B. Knight 70/48;
B. Loseke 28/17; E. Lee 30/17; C. Scroggins 12/7; K. Ramage 11/8.

The true Golden Eagles(Southern Miss) swept the team that swept us. So there’s that. The Imposter Eagles have shown themselves to be a prickly opponent in the past. I do not fear the Dallas Baptists.

Southern Miss is a very good team and one of the best in the country. Gonna be extremely hard to take them down in this regional.

Looks like Knight pitching that game assuming we beat ORU and USM beats DBU. I’ll take our chances in that scenario.

USM is the highest #2 seed(14 in D1 and 17 in BA) in any regional so they are good but aren’t as good as last yr because their Pitching isn’t quite as strong after their #1 guy.this will be all about us.we hit like we can and we will be fine!

Worst draw is Stanford. They got pretty hosed. Baylor, Fullerton and Wright State are all really good. Wright is way better than ORU as a 4.


I’ll defer to others who know baseball much better than I, but I think we got a good draw.

[/quote]I agree based on USM being the #2. They have the #40 RPI, and much of that was impacted by their early performance against Mississippi State (who is playing much better now). The poor Gators have to play Jacksonville as the #2, when J’ville has the #18 rpi, and already a season win against the gators.

I’ll add I think Dallas Baptist and ORU make a tough #3 and #4 for the Hogs.

Make no mistake, this is a very good Hog team. Good hitting. Good power. Good starting pitching. Good relief pitching. I wouldn’t want to be any of those #2, 3 or 4 teams having to play this Hog team.

We were 30-3 at home, so if we had kryptonite it didn’t work well.

If southern miss makes it to us we will beat them by 5+ runs.

They will go home wondering why the umps let em play through a Razorback tornado.

Lost the fear. We are a hell of a lot better than any team in this regional and we will dominate them.

all the SEC Now guys are thinking we have a very tough regional and I agree,the one good thing we have going for us is USM will have to throw their ace against DBU so that will be a big advantage fr us.one of their starters is from Fayetteville Walker Powell.