Did we finally find our closer tonight?

It’s taken an entire season but I think we found our closer tonight with NS. Mason Jones and Isiah Joe spoiled me with their end of game clutch shots. Thrilled to see NS want the ball and score the winning basket.
UA…Campus of Champions

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I think you are correct. NSJ is legit and we are seeing why he was projected as a top 5 pick. Those kinds of talents are lethal at crunch time.

Devo’s 2 free throws were critical to getting us home also, not the last shot like Nicks but on a night of good FT shooting it was the Devo shots that elevated us.

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Prior to last three season games I always felt good about Devo at the free throw line. Had my concerns last night. Glad for him that he came through

There is no difference between Nick’s shot and Devo’s free throws. They are equal. Going from lead of 1 to a lead of 3 was critical.

To make free throws in that situation was really impactful.

Ray got that. Sadly our TV folks after the game did not get that.


Absolutely. Nick always wants the ball in closing stages and be a hero or a goat. That is Black Mamba mentality.

Actually, Nick would prefer the ball in his hands all the time. He was ready for NBA when he signed.

Great to see Nick make that shot. Will only increase his confidence level. But, to me the real warrior last night was Devo. His defense was simply outstanding. And, yes, he had a few head scratching turnovers but he puts it all out there and you got to love him for that. Those two free throws he made at the end said it all!

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If Nick is the closer why in the world didn’t he touch the ball more in positions to get a shot. That baffles me. Makes you wonder. I also wonder why you wait u til the very end of the shot clock to start trying to get a shot keeping the ball moving and moving the defense makes more sense to me. Find a shot. Going 4 to 5 minutes without scoring is crazy

I really think hitting 2 free throws in that situation is harder than hitting a jump shot, not that the latter is easy. You don’t have a lot of time to think when you shoot a jump shot. You have a lot of time to think, feel nervous, etc., when you shoot a crucial free throw. And you do that twice.

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I’m proud to see the ball wasn’t in Council’s hands.

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