Did we choose the afternoon time for the first game?

I’m a little surprised by that, considering the hot weather predicted and the fact that an afternoon game may make it harder for some fans to attend who have bought tickets.

Agree but ORU will only have a handful of fans so we will have the advantage.

That’s a common situation, where the host takes the early game. Not quite sure why. Maybe its to have #2 coming back on short rest for the second game.

The host usually gets to pick the time it starts. There are pros and cons to each one.

On one hand, by starting at night you get the max capacity and a great environment. On the other hand, you get the game out of the way and the upper-hand on rest Friday.

For what it’s worth, Arkansas played the early game the last time it won a home regional, in 2010. That was the day it hit nine home runs against Grambling.

This is 2nd time we have played in first game . We did several years ago against Grambling.

I like the early game! Get your game over and rest! I just hope we don’t have a rain delay in the regional or super regional.
I sure hope our bats wake up at home!

No rain in the weekend forecast. A lot of heat though. And the wind blowing in from the south or southeast.

think it boils down to wanting more rest.

We took the late game last year then lost game 2 to MoState. Change it up this time.

I hope the heat doesn’t wear us out. It’s going to be brutally hot Friday afternoon. Should be much better Friday night.

If we win, do we get the late game Saturday or the late game?

The winners play the late game Saturday.

I don’t think the heat will be a factor. It’s baseball.

it is going to be brutally Hot!!mid 90’s.i think I would rather play at night in front of the big crowd and a little cooler.

I think DVH knows when is the best time to play. It doesn’t matter to me. I will just drink plenty of water and Gatorade!