Did Vitale not see Monk throat slash towards ourbench?

Or did he just not believe that was worthy of criticism during the game?

Yes unless he is blind! It was also in front of the SEC commissioner Greg Stankey
Cal was also watching.

Little known fact, he is (in his left eye).

http://www.nytimes.com/1996/03/24/style … edcoverage

[quote]Mr. Vitale lives in a state of grateful bliss about his success. Richard Vitale (his friends called him Richie) grew up in Passaic, N.J., the grandson of an Italian immigrant. His father, John, pressed coats in a factory all day and worked as a security guard at night. His mother, Mae, sewed coats in the family basement and dragged her son from doctor to doctor after he poked himself in the left eye with a pencil when he was 3 or 4 years old. Over the years, the eye became infected, got worse and eventually was lost.

To me the question of Vitale is why he chose to say nothing about two throat slashes by Mink that are supposed to be automatic technicals.

If he says later that he saw it - it is absurd that he chose not to comment on that but only things in kentuckys advantage.

Complete hypocrite for big program he promotes

Who (Sankey) sit directly in front of me and was aware of it.

Next to me was Andre Patillo - former ref - who did not see it and ask me about it

Dick V is getting to the age where Diaper Dandy and Wiz have a completely different meaning other than an eighteen year old basketball shooting wiz…

I sat next to Andre during a game in Fayetteville. Really neat guy with a ton of stories.

Back in the day he wasn’t held in such high regard by Hog fans.

He told me he regretted that play you’re referring to.

Richard Davenport have you listened to the broadcast of the game? How do you take his negative comments about our kids, team and state?

Having vision in one eye has caused not him a problem seeing what the Higs players did! If he is physically unqualified to do the job move on! His performance left him several years ago he is hanging around for nothing. Or did he need someone to tell him the play by play before he ran his mouth.
I’m not being negative of his health issue bit that issue has never caused the problem he has with his mouth!

That was mean, but true. :slight_smile: