Did Trey Thompson graduate in 3 1/2 years?

Saw him wearing the SEC Graduate Patch tonight.That is remarkable for a basketball player. Proud of him. Nice.

Possible. Yesterday was graduation day at UA, but I’m guessing Trey didn’t get to walk up to get the empty diploma folder. Always good when our student-athletes actually take both halves of that word seriously.

Trey is a 3 1/2 year graduate.

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I think this is taking it more than seriously. Very few regular students graduate in 3 1/2 years.

I remember when Trey was being recruited. He was said to be very bookish. Some have called our football program the Vandy of the western division. I don’t think that was meant as a compliment. You could call our basketball program the Vandy of the west and it would not be an insult.

True, but most regular students don’t go to multiple summer school sessions. Since athletic scholies were extended to cover summer school, I believe a lot of players take advantage. They get to use the facilities, lots of pickup games, access to training ataff, plus getting some classes out of the way. If I’d gone to summer school it wouldn’t have taken me 4.5 to finish, even with midstream change of majors.

Response: Kudos to Trey, it also means he has a year of eligibility left if he decided to attend grad school, the problem is Mike don’t have a scholarship available I don’t believe.

Nope. Getting a diploma does not buy you an extra year of eligibility. It’s still four years whether you get the degree or not. This is Trey’s fourth year. Graduate transfers work because, due to redshirting or summer school, they get the degree with the full fourth year remaining. Sometimes even the third and fourth year left.

Reply: wait a minute, the formula I thought for student athletes is, you have 5yrs to play four. In Trey’s case he finished up before 4yrs. therefore if he attend grad school would he not be granted that 5th year. Note I didn’t check the NCAA rules just looking for clarity

No, it’s five years to play four years. This is his fourth year of playing. He didn’t redshirt. You might say next year is his “redshirt” year. His college career will end sometime in March (hopefully first of April).

Nope. You were correct, five years to play four. Except that Trey took only four years to play four. So he’s done in March (or April). You don’t get a fifth year of competition under any circumstances. The sixth hardship year occasionally given to previously redshirted athletes for injury (Kody Walker being the latest example here) are because injuries took away one of the four; Kody just got one of his four back because of all his injuries. Then he got hurt again in year six.

There have been whispers/rumors of a rules change that would give players five years to play five, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Mike Anderson said he had a high basketball IQ when he first arrived. Heck, he just has a high IQ period. No one else has said that to me. It’s just what I’ve seen.