Did Townes play?

Havent seen his name on any stats this last nor any mention. Is he still w team? Injured?

Town was with the developmental team. He is the fifth QB right now.

As much as people want them to, high school recruiting rankings don’t always translate to performance in college football.

I would not be surprised if Cole Kelley is being used to get RT’s attention. We have too many rFR in Storey and Town to allow Kelley to burn a RS. Sure he has an arm but I think this is about waking RT up.

If we burn Kelley’s redshirt, it’s because everybody in front of him got hurt.

Cole may be a better quarterback right now than Rickey. I don’t think either will play this year unless three quarterbacks are hurt. Rickey may get into the fourth quarter of the Alcorn State game if the game is as predicted. His redshirt has already been used. I think Cole will redshirt.

Town got out there at the end for a few snaps, but not many. I didn’t see him out there for much on Thursday, either. He’s not in the mix right now. Cole Kelley passed him quickly in camp. I don’t see Town being a factor.