Did Thomas and Beard graduate?

The graduation picture on Mike Anderson’s twitter account shows Macon, Barford and Cook. I know Trey Thompson graduated last December. Further I have seen tweets from Beard a week ago talking about upcoming graduation, but he is not in the picture. I have not seen anything on Thomas.

Saw a photo of Beard graduating. Thomas likely to busy producing dirty rap songs since he is such a star studded rapper.

I thought Dustin graduated last year.

I figure Anton was not in the first pic with Arlando, Daryl and Jaylen because he was within a different college at the university and that graduation ceremony – Anton’s – was Saturday.

I’m told that Thomas has not graduated

Dustin must be a more troubled kid than I thought. Trey graduated in 3 1/2 years. Thomas has had five years.

It’s hard when you are also a full time rapper brother.

I know the coaches have tried and tried to help Dustin. It’s kind of sad that he isn’t graduating. And, whether or not he plays professionally over seas, who knows. But he’s going to want that degree at some point. Hope he can still do that.

I don’t know whether Thomas wants to graduate, but something to remember is that he transferred to Arkansas. How many of his hours transferred? Did he keep his major or switch to something else? There are too many variables to make an apples to apples comparison of Thomas and Thompson.

You are right about the variables and then there is complexity of the major. What is the overall student average to graduate? 5 yrs or 5.5 yrs? I know it is at least 5.

I don’t know what the average time is. I do know the colleges are graded on six-year graduation rates.