Did the pooch kick seal our fate?

Or do you think it would have mattered where the Agggies had started that drive? I would have preferred that we had kicked deep but to the opposite side of Christian Kirk. Still, our Defense was pretty defenseless by that point. Not sure if it mattered if they started at midfield or the 25 or even deeper.

It certainly didn’t help but wasn’t as bad as the one attempted versus Baylor in 66

No. Kicking deep to Christian Kirk who has killed us over and over was the back breaker. We score, take the lead and then kick to one of the most dangerous kick returners and receivers in college football. He goes 100 yards and we don’t even keep the lead for 1 play. Why would a head coach ever kick to that dude? Given our history of horrible special team play under Coach Bielema, why would you chose to put the ball in Kirk’s hands?

Somebody in the media please ask him at the next opportunity. Inquiring fans want to know. I want to hear what he says.

squib or just kick it out of bounds, squib far superior because it runs time off the clock. Awful execution and continuing poor coverage plus usually poor tackling means poor coaching. ST is important enough to devote time and resouorces now matter NCAA limits. BB has an explanation for everything except results never change with his explanations.

You couldn’t kick to Kirk again. We were beat after the pi call in o.t. We lost when our sr qb forced a throw in triple coverage to an all American defensive back.

Lack of aggressive special teams these past few years don’t help when desperately needed in close games.

Got to prioritize this phase of the game.

Put in the starting skill players and make it a priority

The pooch kick failed because we had the guy stopped and somebody went for a kill shot instead of just making a tackle. He bounced off and ran another 25 yards. Who missed that kill shot? DeAndre Coley. Not currently a starter but a senior who has started a whole bunch in his career.

can anyone tell me why we do not kick the football into the end zone are kick coverage is average at its best

Because we don’t have someone who can consistently kick it 65+ yards.

Until the Kirk TD return, the kick coverage was pretty good. But, I cringed when they kicked to allow Kirk to make that return. I had a bad feeling, and was right.

I saw somebody from the Aggies, maybe Kirk, was quoted as saying one of the A&M assistants noticed something we were doing on kickoff coverage, made an adjustment to counter it and the adjustment created the seam that Kirk exploited.

The pooch kick itself did not seal our fate but a junior high tacking technique did seal it. Coached for 50 years and always instructed kids to drop their hips and drive through the hit with your head up. If you cannot tackle properly how can you get on the field in a Division I program.

Coach B:

“We were trying to sky it right there in the middle of the field where they had a big void in the middle,” Bielema said. "I didn’t want to go with the other kicker (Blake Mazza) because Connor (Limpert) had been kind of stroking it pretty good and I didn’t want to tip anything of with our alignment.

“We were trying to get it on the SEC logo (around the 35) into a nice open area. The kid did a nice job of catching it. A couple of guys thought that the play was down and he went around for about 10 to 15 yards.”

Stunningly, it was Christian Kirk’s first ever kickoff return for a touchdown. He had returned five punts for touchdowns.

“We’ve really been emphasizing our kick return game,” Kirk said. “Coach [Jeff] Banks is always emphasizing we need to get one – we’re going to get one.”

Banks drew up a new blocking scheme after Arkansas stopped A&M short of the 20-yard line three times and Kirk had a 21-yard return to the 25.

“The guys up front just went out there and executed,” Kirk said, “and all I had to do was just hit the hole and go.”

Not making excuses, but did you see the 2 or 3 blatant holds on that play???