Did the player that shoved KJ out of bounds

get a late hit penalty? I missed that particular play

No. It wasn’t a late hit. It really wasn’t even “unnecessary”, since KJ is such a running threat (had the defender held up, assuming KJ was just going to run out of bounds, then KJ turned up for any positive yards, the defender would have been criticized for not playing through the play)

Just a physical play in a physical sport.


I agree. There was nothing the Aggie defender did wrong on that play,


Seems physical play in a physical sport is not always the accepted reply. But yes KJ was a running threat, he was running out of bounds and while not advocating that it was an enforceable penalty, it looked very much that the tackler was looking to inflict injury, with the ferocity of the force out. KJ had no other path but continuing out of bounds and this seemed very clear. So when is player protection an issue and when is it not?

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They’re not going to call a shove in bounds under any circumstances, and I don’t think it was particularly ferocious. KJ would have been fine except it looked like he banged the knee on the bench.

I personally thought the play was routine. Sometimes stuff happens.

KJ was in bounds by several yards. If he wore knee pads (as Chip suggested earlier), there would not have been an injury. I don’t see any players wearing knee pads anymore.

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I believe it was the same player that gave Green a little push on his way to the end zone. I figure he heard about it at halftime and shoved a little harder at the beginning of the third quarter.


If the injury happened when I think it happened (first play of the second half), it was the same guy who shoved Green.

Assuming the tackler was trying to hurt or cause pain to the ball carrier is a fair assumption. Assuming the tackler was trying to inflict injury is not.

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I thought there could have been a late hit on Malik in the redzone that wasn’t called.

It was a defensive player’s dream: a legal, but hard hit on a QB…

I didn’t think the shove on KJ was out of line. However, we could have gotten a targeting on the interception that sealed the game.

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How? Nobody got hit. The pass hit an Aggie in the head, Bumper tipped it and Buster picked it.

The guy in front of the play. Look at the replay and you’ll see it at the top of the screen.

Hayden Henry? Shoulder to shoulder. And it wasn’t interference either because the pass was tipped.

As many times as that play has been shown, I haven’t seen targeting and heard no commentator suggest there was. It’s possible you’ve seen something everyone else has missed, but I bet you’re just mistaken

CSP said the interception review took so long because they were reviewing for targetting also and he said they won both of the reviews

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I was just watching the game (finally) and Hornsby was DEFINITELY shoved after he was out of bounds on his run to the 2 before our last FG.

Yes, he was.