did the former football staff

Leave the cupboard as bare as it appears?

I have high hopes for this staff, but after watching the elite teams from the SEC this weekend, i must say I am a bit discouraged. Bama, Auburn, LSU, A and M, and Mississippi State were impressive in their debuts.

Our defensive line looked nothing like what those teams displayed. And our offensive line, even though they pass blocked well, got no push in the running game against a defense what will be nothing like what we will see soon when we open SEC play.

Appears to me the former staff did a worse job recruiting then we previously thought. Mississippi State doesn’t rank high each year, yet they seem to find players and develop them to be SEC caliber players. WE all know how BAMA, LSU, Auburn and A and M recruit. I am glad we fired the former coach, it is apparent he did not recruit well, nor did the development occur with the under the radar recruits we were able to sign.

Looks to me that we need at least 3 years of the type of recruiting success we are having this year to even be competitive in the SEC west.

I am hoping that this new staff can somehow out coach a couple of SEC opponents in the next two years to keep our hopes up. Time will tell, and i still have hope, but it’s going to be an uphill climb.

It is all about recruiting to begin with, and I do like what we have committed to us thus far, even though the offensive line recruiting seems to be lagging as far as stars go, we need a lot more of what we have coming. I bought in on the former coach, and i was wrong, pitiful job of getting enough talent to the U of A.

Absolutely did.

While they have been praised for a good recruiting job, it’s absolute BS. They may have had high ratings and beat a few big boys out for players, but the overwhelming majority of their recruits are not SEC caliber players and it shows. Looking at it honestly, it’s really hard to find anything the last staff did that was good. It’s a mess of a roster. Their evaluation was poor, and their development physically and in football was even worse. But all we heard was how great Herbert was, (absolute BS even players will now say that behind a closed door).

Chads got his hands full, this team has very little true SEC talent, and will take several recruiting classes to fix.

Regardless of how bare the cupboard was it’s still exasperating to have to explain away 2.2 yd/carry against a bad FCS teamby pointing out 7 yds were lost in 2 kneel downs & poor pad level.

Yes - especially on both lines of scrimmage. We are woefully lacking in SEC depth and top tier talent on both lines. Also recruited several Linebackers that are better suited for Conference USA than the SEC.
Secondary recruiting improved a bit at end, but several were recruited in the early years that can’t play in this league.

The man who promised to build from the inside out (lines) was an abject failure and was the worst coach ( not counting interims) at Arkansas since Crowe.

Not to dwell on the past, even though Long did some good things while here, I have wondered if he had stayed as AD would he have made a change at head football coach?

Yes, If Jeff had been given the opportunity, he would have made the change . None was given.

Arkansas wins at least 7 games this year…

Glad it wasn’t - trust him to hire a FB coach about as much as I’d trust a drunk in a liquor store.

Nice imagery.

You can call my praise for their recruiting “efforts” absolute B.S. if you would like, but I would take exception.

They put the effort into it, were successful early and did not get the results the final 2-3 years when the assistant turnover happened.

Lots of kids in the NFL that they recruited early, not many late.

I agree on evaluation, roster management (especially OL late) and development overall.

But if you are going to blast my words, at least put them in the proper context of what I said and when I said it.

He would have had to in order to keep his job - and he would have,

But he was not given that opportunity because it wasn’t just hiring the football coach that brought about his dismissal.

I remember when we were praising CBB when we got Wallace, Merrick and others but these guys haven’t developed or was injury prone. What I’m seeing right now from CCM in O-line recruiting is about the same level as what CBB was recruiting. I hope CCM can develop his guys better and find away to keep them healthy but it’s going to be a few years before he proves himself in that area at Arkansas. Just my opinion. WPS

Dudley, with all due respect I wasn’t talking about you or anyone in particular. I apologize if you thought I was.

I’ve only been on this board for a short amount of time and have no idea what you did or didn’t write about Bielema recruits.

I’m just going off of the generalized perception I have heard over the past years, along with somethings I have seen on boards, here and elsewhere. But no one specifically.

I’m sure they did put effort, I wouldn’t take that away from them. But I can put effort into singing and I’ll never be good at it, and that’s how I feel about the last coaching staff. I think we sugar coated for too long just how poor of a job they did.

I think that we were a little too caught up in the celebrity of Bret Bielema, and praised the ground he walked on instead of looking at things critically, and objectively. I think he was a huge failure, in a lot of areas, recruiting being a major area. Like I said he did sign some high profile guys, but what cost him was the guys in the middle to the bottom of the list. Too many risks and non SEC caliber projects. As well as recruiting for a Big 10 roster not an SEC. No speed.

I won’t make the mistake of my vision being blurred with any coach from now on, I fell victim to Bret like many but only for 3 years, I realized early in season 4 he wasn’t good, In fact, the worst game day coach I’ve ever seen and I stand by that strongly. I’m young so I’ve got time to see worse, but he will hold that for now.

I like Chad a lot. He gives me a lot of hope for the future, but like I’ve said elsewhere, and you’ve agreed to also in a different thread, his OL recruiting is really sub par right now. I know that most people on here believe every 3 star is a diamond in the rough, I don’t. I think a large portion of them are not SEC caliber, and there are very few diamonds in the rough.

CBB did a lot of things wrong and recruiting was one of them. When we did get a real SEC player (Henry/Collins, etc.) they usually left early for the money and no one can blame them. We have 17 returning starters on this team and the OP is so right, when you watch other SEC teams play (especially the West) you know there’s no comparison with the talent difference. A high hill to climb but CCM seems to have a better handle on recruiting especially considering his time here and the miserable record over the last few years. We have to upgrade the recruiting (with classes ongoing not one good and two average), get great talent at QB that fits the CCM offense, and then have a staff that adjusts and brings a strong attitude and system to the playing field. I will be patient like a monk the next couple of years watching it all unfold… I swear.

> I will be patient like a monk the next couple of years watching it all unfold… I swear.<

I hope you’re not referring to that monastery in Bentonville that was relocated from Lepanto a few years ago. Those Monks are not really known for patience. Or loyalty for that matter.

I just want you bare cupboard people to remember who recruited every starter on this team, and when they are successful this season and going forward, and when they get drafted. Then reflect on what you posted in this thread. This is a very talented roster. OL is a bit light and 3 highly recruited retirees in the last year have exacerbated a couple cycles of less than stellar OL recruiting.

Very talented?!? How do you think it compares, top to bottom, to the rest of the league?

I sat thru several losses last yr watching the previous staff’s “talent” perform on the field…
i am feeling more optimistic about this staff’s approach to recruiting…help is on the way…

I’m sure there were other reasons than I’ll list here but these are on the page:

Alienating donors, particularly in Central Arkansas. In some respects, he didn’t have a chance; some of them wanted a Southern good ol’ boy, preferably one with previous ties to the program, and Jeff was 0 for 3 on those qualifications.

Related: Being hellbent on getting out of the WMS contract. The money folks in LR want their games. For now, they still have them, although the out clause (ticket sales and improvements) may let HY get out sooner rather than later.

As for whether he regretted firing BP, the answer is two words that rhyme with “bell snow.” Petrino at best is someone you barely tolerate. I can’t imagine being his boss.