Did the choices to click on at the top of the page change?

Or, am I crazy (well, I am crazy) or did I change something by accident?

It now says “External link Most Liked Privacy” I don’t think it used to say that!

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It’s changed. Thanks for asking. Takes you to something non HI related. It’s the External Link which was something else.

It is being corrected. There was an update made to the forums today that caused that area to change inadvertently.


Thanks Matt!

Thank you sir! I thought maybe I had hit something that changed it for me!

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I’m not too fond of seeing ads now. My Adblock Plus seems to be allowing ads. I’ve got the same ad for Catering Unlimited three times on this page. Ugh. In fact, I’m seeing that ad on every page on this site … over and over and over.

We bought new sheet and now those sheets are chasing me around the park, the lot and the stadium…(Ads)

My Adblock seems to be working now. It indicates that it has blocked 35 on this page.

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