Did the ball hit the ground or the wall?

On the double that was reviewed, if it hit the ground first, I think it was probably fair. But if it hit the wall, it was clearly foul. You can do a screen grab and see the ball against the wall a foot left of the line.

I’ve spoken to some coaches about this, but the biggest issue with replay is the quality of the camera work. The strength of the SEC Network is the 14 school-operated sub-networks, if you will, like RSN. Some of those have quality productions. Others do not. I would loop what I have seen from Georgia into the not quality category.

How do you only have one camera focused on the play? And why is it zoomed all the way out?

Every coach I have spoken to about this says they are going to bring it up to the league office. If you’re going to have replay, you need to be able to do it right.

it hit the ground but I knew we had no chance to get that reversed…no way to see it

My biggest problem with it is he didn’t see it. If you don’t see it don’t call it fair and turn the game.

Foul ball. The hitter even stopped running.
The umpire just could tell and he made a call! Tough break this won’t be the last bad break that goes against the hogs. I think the first inning from the K that made it to first base and the 5 outs set up the whole game! The players battled that is all we can expect.