Did someone win the Crip Hall award?

somewhere in my distant and probably distorted memory bank it did seem that a punter had won that award?

I thought only Reid Bauer deserved excellent senior play recognition. Stromberg and Bumper deserve it for careers but not Liberty game performance.

Bob Wisener whom I knew from Hot Springs decades ago, did an article somewhat similar in tone.

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Bumper Pool was the Crip Hall Award winner.


Great dude. He had a very sweet mom as well.

Dude can’t spell Nostradamus

I would have given it to Trey Knox.

Dropping a pass in the end zone that became an INT didn’t help.

100% game changer.

The two fourth-quarter touchdowns helped a lot, though.

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If you look at replay of the Trey Knox bobble interception the DB grabbed his left arm as football arrived requiring a one handed catch , should’ve been interference but referee probably couldn’t see it unfortunately.

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