did out young DB's learn or do they have PTSD?

Calloway and Curl were both futile in all coverage, teaching moment or are they now scarred with doubt? Both Calloway and Ramsey could have won the last 2 games had they made the INT with an open field in front of them, but good teams make those plays and we have not in a long time. As seniors is it possible Curl and Calloway can reflect back and say that this game led to a great career or are they likely to go the opposite? Tolliver and Liddell do not count because they are now legacies.

Lots of observed instances of hesitation which could be individual doubt or overcoaching with resultant fear of screwing up. As a DB yesterday, hesitation was fatal. Will our young kids learn? great opportunity to do so. Is PR the right man to continue? he seems like a staff keeper for whomever is our next coach.

I have no expertise, so just sharing what I observed and/or heard watching games. Regarding Curl, on more than one ocassion the analyst pointed out the split second looking into the backfield allowed him to lose track of his man, often with drastic results. This what they may mean by eye discipline. One would think this is easier to coach away, than lack of length or speed. Regarding Calloway, don’t know that he played enough to be lose confidence or long enough to assess his prospects going forward.

DBs have to have very short memories. Forget about getting beat from play to play, much less season to season. Curl will be a lot better next year, and you can coach the eye discipline. I haven’t noticed Calloway enough to comment on his play. I didn’t see yesterday, but they picked on Curl a lot more than Calloway in the games I saw.

Calloway replaced Curl for a lot of the game. Was matched up in a smaller receiver more suited to his style, and lock went after him pretty hard.

I’m not sure about coaching over the summer and spring when the poor guy was coached all season without learning. He did it from day one to the Last Day, and never learned that little eye discipline trick.

Are you confident he is motivated to learn over the summer and spring? Then why not during this season?