Did not like the boos

They came thru loud and clear on TV.

As bad as it was, booing the Home Team is low class.

Totally agree. And before anyone replies and talks about their “rights”…no one is questioning anyone’s rights. Rocket…and now I am also saying that its not the right thing to do.

People saying that they were booing Morris…one question. Who you think Cole believed was getting boo’d?

I don’t like it. It’s inexcusable. And, yet, there’s not one program in America that wouldn’t have had fans booing at that performance and the coaching that went with it.

I don’t like the booing but I also understand it would have happened at literally every other P5 school so I’m not going to consider it some sort of indictment of our fans as a whole.

I don’t like it either simply because the players didn’t deserve it. The coaches…well to some extent that’s what comes with the mega-bucks territory. Anyway, the StL Cardinals fans would have booed that game!

I agree - people are asked to contribute thousands of dollars in some instances for the right to buy tickets. Coaches make millions.

It’s a business and for several years business has been average to awful.

People are frustrated, tired, pissed, and largely fed up.

The booing is an extension of that. I’ll say this it’s better than what is coming next - eerily silent aluminum.

Absolutely, I would boo the heck out of the 200 million dollar public bond sale if I was unfortunate enough to attend a game. No doubt.

Those boos were light compared to the boos at the end of the first half at Arkansas-Auburn when Nutt was in his final year. Arkansas was down to Auburn by a few points, we had the ball near the 50 with a minute or two remaining in the half and Houston just sat on the ball, afraid to try to score. The clock ran out and the team ran off the field and the crowd erupted in a crescendo of boos all aimed at Coach Houston Nutt. I don’t even remember if anyone asked him what he was thinking…I would bet Houston remembers that time.

You are right Jackson…we may have to do what NASCAR did…paint the aluminum seats so it looks like people sitting in them.