Did not like that woman announcer

VERY annoying. Her voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Hate her too!!!

I had the same reaction.


Likewise. My wife disliked her as much as I did.

Yeah, I cant stand her. We had the scrubs doing this game

She was horrible as were that entire crew

Hey, until we become a top 20 team, we get the SEC network scrubs.

This! This right here is why I am a member. Because of the depth of knowledge on this board, that helps to point out the intricacies of a game that I miss. There have been multiple treads about the actual game, and the most responses go to … “that woman announcer”. Awesome :lol:

I didn’t like any of our announcers. I’m still wondering why CBB pulled Allen Austin and replaced him with Austin Allen. Neither seemed better than the other :roll:

I’m fine with a woman doing the game and there was nothing wrong with her voice. But, she got a ton of things wrong, mispronounced key names and just generally had a bad day.

It was annoying, but to say you hate her or that her voice was annoying seems a bit overboard.

In the third quarter we looked worse than she sounded…

A lot of you folks need to get into the 21st century. You didn’t like her because it was different and she is a woman (or she had a woman’s voice). I hope none of you are interviewing my daughters when it’s time for them to enter the workforce. Good gracious.

Or, it could be she isn’t a good announcer. There is no need to call us chauvinistic because we didn’t like the announcer. There are some all male announcing groups that suck too. I would post about that as well.

She isn’t good. The announcing team isn’t good and she detracted from the game. If your daughter called a game like that, I would say the same thing. The key to a good announcing team is their preparation. Its obvious in every game I have seen her call, that preparation is her weak point. She routinely gets names, stats and other information incorrect.

Its OK to dislike someone for the job they do, regardless of sex, color, race or creed.

Oh Beth I hear you calling (The Game)
So me and the boys will be switching the sound over to Tune In radio.

As I said when she was announced as the announcer for this game. She knows her stuff. She is prepared. She is professional. But that voice! Oh that voice. It just doesn’t work for broadcasting.

You know who else is not good as a broadcaster? Clint Stoerner. Yikes that guy was bad doing color on the Injun Wolves game Friday night. Was actually calling ASU Arkansas!

She wasn’t good. But read the quotes and ask yourself when was the last time you’ve heard someone say they couldn’t stand the sound of a male announcer’s voice (other than Vitale).

It’s not a stretch to say that some of the gripping is some unrealized sexism.

I hear it every time a woman does pbp on a men’s game–without fail. It’s something to consider.

Notorious is right. In fact, I’d say if y’all were honest, it’s MOSTLY sexism that draws out the criticism. She is s no worse prep wise than the other B team PBP people we get for these crappy non conference games that no one around the country cares about but us. It’s the fact she’s a woman and her female voice that draws criticism, and I’m not a big fan of that. There’s enough to talk about from yesterday, other than a female announcer. She did fine.

You have to agree the wording “that woman” makes you wonder what OP really meant to convey. If it was regardless of color, sex or race, the subject line did not need to highlight “that woman”. Anyway, those two words in the subject line jumped at me.

I have always thought that she was pretty good, but I have not known enough about the teams that she usually covers to comment on her preparation. I haven’t watched the replay yet, so I will hold off on commenting on our game.

I have thought that the criticism of her (in the past) was sexist.