Did Noland teams guard the 3?


Nolan’s teams had more talent and junkyard dogs that were tuff and hard nosed. We have a soft team that likes to talk and can’t back it up! MACON! Talk is cheap. Put it on the floor.
Defense was a must when you played for Nolan. MA is coaching a different type of player and in a different game! Nolan would get up and draw a T to get his teams motivated. MA can’t do that with this bunch they fail to play as hard as Nolan’s teams.

Teams can get 3’s, always have and always will, making them, that’s another story. But if a coach wants his team to take 3’s, it’s available. Not predicated on anything. You want them, you can take them. 3’s have had a spot in the box scores for a long long time for a reason.

NR’s teams had Robert Shepherd, Clint McDaniel type guards that were cat quick enough to recover from traps or jump passing lanes. We don’t have the talent and depth to trap this much and the game has changed. The rule changes in the late 90’s and the recent cylinder rule have made this more difficult because our defenders can’t maul and mug the ball handler anymore. The traps are not as effective anymore.

and never stopped.

He mixed presses, played some zone, and kept mental and physical pressure on a team for 40 minutes.

Teams of course could get 3’s, cuz you can’t blanket the court, but those would go down early in the game. typically in the last 10 minutes of lots of games, the opposing players were bent over and grabbing their shorts trying to catch their breath, their jumpers and even FTs were short due to dead legs.

Remember, there weren’t nearly as many tv timeouts, and there was no hand-check rule.

There was also an intimidation factor that affected all but the elite teams. our players looked pissed, like the opponent just hit on their girlfriend. and Nolan…lordy that guy was like a force of nature on the sidelines. bid dude with a HUGE voice, when he yelled at his players or the refs, you could hear it all over Barnhill, LOUD.

Man, those were fun times. I used to hope that teams would hit a bunch of 3’s in the first half, just to watch them get so excited, then watch our team just beat them down adn win by 18 no matter what else they did.


Nolan and Mike’s philosophy gives up open 3’s to a degree.

But Nolan’s best teams were…let’s just say it…more talented than this one. We don’t have a single guard that can play defense anywhere near Beck. Or Mayberry. Or McDaniel. Or Crawford. I could go on. And…our long-armed forwards…a staple in their system…could score on Nolan’s best teams. We are getting nothing from those players on this roster. Only Darius shows longterm potential.

So…our gambling defense is not paying off…because we aren’t making opponents pay for playing our pace…as we often go on scoring droughts. Then…the fames “beat them in the last 10 minutes” as we get to their legs isn’t working…because we are often too far behind and can’t score ourselves. And Macon and Barford are gassed themselves.

More TV timeouts does hurt this style. No doubt.

The difference in guard talent is a glaring! Slow and fragile is what we have now. The old hogs played hard and could back up the talk. This bunch just talks. Macon can shoot the ball that’s about it. His basket IQ is lacking. His passing is suspect!
I’d take any of our old guards over any of these we have now.
We don’t take enough 3’s and give them up to the opponent at an alarming rate. NIT may be an embarrassment with this in disciplined bunch!

Army, I think you are a little harsh regarding Barford and Macon. They are not great. But they are certainly good to very good. They have to do too much for this team honestly…and have to create AND take the shots.

Beard has been playing hurt for a long time. He’s lost a step. But plays with heart. Zimmerman made a point to point out that Beard is never really healthy. Ankle and shoulder injuries really nag him. People forget what he looked like as a freshman before the injuries hit. Or what he looked like in HS.

No…I think Barford and Macon are very good players…but they need help. A healthy Anton would help. But this roster has alot of good athletes that just aren’t especially good basketball players. That’s the honest truth.

Macon and Barford and Beard all gotta get hot offensively…and we need to stop trapping so much.

Next year we will have more talent…especially if Gafford stays put.

And he should.

Army is harsh on the players and won’t touch Mike, so that is who he is and you just laugh him off. Beard Barford and Macon are more than good enough to play better than we are, but the system of trapping, switching and pressing is killing our guards since we only have one decent guard to give them a break (Hall). We have one solid back up at guard…think long and hard about that and you will understand why the 3 SR guards are tired/not able to play as hard in this tiring style of defense.