Did my eyes deceive me.....

Or was that Marcus Monk sitting in the front row in a pink shirt last night? It was in the fold back seats down on the court. From the upper deck it sure looked like him, but I couldn’t be sure and not to mention it would be totally unexpected.

Yep, Marcus was there. Had floor seats. I was a bit surprised to see him too.

Well as a Razorback he was a great WR and contributed to the BB team. At some point I may give him a “pass”, but for right now I don’t care to see him around the program for what I perceive of him steering Malik towards Kentucky.

I will puke if he ends up representing Gafford when the latter decides to turn pro . . .

Why. He did us a huge favor. I will actually thank him the next time I see him.

I can’t stand him! I’m surprised he has the nerve to show his face on the hill. Of course he may have a few friends he hasn’t used up yet! I hope Gafford stays clear of him. He doesn’t have anyone in Arkansas best interest in anything he does.

I hope the media doesn’t give him any visibility.