Did Miss St win again on another walkoff??

Can’t believe it.
Another question. What is the deal with this Hail State thing?
They are as bad as Auburn, with all the different monikers associated with their school.
Sure we are Razorbacks, Hogs, Pigs, but it’s the same animal.
There. Done with that!

Hail State is the name of their fight song. Pretty much their version of #NeverYield, although we haven’t gone so far as to name our website neveryield.com.

I hope it comes down to us and them for the championship… our guys will be really focused and ready.

I remember when they were called the “maroons” about as often as they were called the “bulldogs.”

Their stuff doesn’t bother me. (Other than their obnoxious cowbells, but that’s just because they’re artificial noise makers.) One thing that I noticed that annoys me is they’ve stolen our “Omahawgs” and made it “Omadawgs.” They’re not very original.

I think North Carolina beats them like a rented mule, then Oregon State eliminates them.

Doesn’t even have the same ring to it as Does
OMAHOGS! Can’t get any better than that!!
GO OMAHOGS:bangbang:

they are much improved team and are dangerous becasue they have some good pitchers and their approach at the plate is to put the bat on the ball and don’t strike out much they killed us with RISP tough to pitch to becasue of it.