Did Miss St kill any chance we had for Kelly Bryant?

My impressions from what I read KB wants to go to winning program, if so, that’s not Arkansas; not this year nor next year. High school seniors can have a different outlook because one they want to play as freshmen and two they will be here several years when Arkansas gets better. However, KB only has one more year so waiting for Arkansas to get better is not an option.

today sure didn’t help us any for sure,that was a horrific game for him to see, OL is beyond awful and he has to wonder how would he deal with that…we will see soon I guess

If he comes, it would be miracle and we need miracles right now. If I were him, I would choose a program that enhances my chances for the NFL. Right now, we’re not that program.

He’s not coming here.

I hope I eat crow, but there’s no logical reason he would come and play with this roster. He has better options and it’s not in his best interest to come here. We are multiple recruiting classes away from being competitive in this league.

This young man has 1 season to make an impression on NFL scouts, be honest an ask yourself if you were him would you be willing to risk your possible NFL draft status on signing to play one season with a team at the beginning of a total rebuilding process.
Seriously, he would have no idea if the O-Line would be improved to respectability and at the same time trying to gel with a receivers group that might appear to be talented per recruiting ratings, but for the most part will be freshman that have yet to play a college football game.
I believe if you evaluate his decision as a business decision then one can conclude that it is the longest of shots that this young man decides that signing to play his 1 and last college football season with Arkansas gives him his best opportunity to showcase his skills and leadership ability for NFL scouts.
You also have to look at the fact that he is a player that is used to being at a winning program and culture and currently we can’t offer either of those to this young man.
Sure, we’d love to have him, but I just don’t see it happening.

Go Hogs!

Agree with this - don’t see him coming now.

In my opinion, this loss will have nothing to do with him coming here or not.

If he comes here, it will be for one reason - Chad Morris.

Don’t see anybody de-committing either.

DD…he must have a very special relationship with Coach Morris. I hope you right. We’ll know Dec 4.

Relationships are fine and dandy, but they don’t amount to much compared to your self-interest. How does coming to Arkansas in any way help him get to the NFL?

I personally don’t think he is coming but have no inside info. But the alternative argument is that if he goes to another “ready-made” situation is he demonstrating his ability as a QB or only his ability given the right situation? The NFL might want to see how he can do when things are not so good and how he can elevate others…

NFL knows all he has done and would make him a day 2 pick this year. His danger is injury. CCM is teflon and riding a wave of low expectation. I’d love to hear his explanation of this year to KB and then sell him on the future. Maybe CCM can hit up Cam Newton for boogie endorsement since Cam wants to name his vineyard/wine boogie down your esophagus.

KB is looking to improve his draft stock, not sure the staff or the players can do that for him especially if the player behaviors and rejection of staff continues.

Mike Leach is much more fun to watch and Gus can improve the KB draft stock. If you can handle Clemson, then you can handle Starkville or Fayetteville. KB will probably not end up explaining his decision and will not likely sign up to direct a 4-5 win season with sucky line play.

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that this one game may have caused Kelly Bryant to not sign on to play his final year of college football at Arkansas.
I believe that his prior relationship with Coach Morris is the only reason that he ever came to Fayetteville to take a look in the first place as a courtesy to the man that recruited him to Clemson.
I don’t believe we are seriously a top contender to land him over other programs that have superior talent levels throughout their rosters.

Go Hogs!

I tend to agree with this and hope to be proven wrong.

I’m sure discussions have continued between the CCM & KB regarding the situation. KB is not the 17 year old he was when CCM recruited him at Clemson. He knows what he wants to accomplish in his last year.

Whether that be trying to help a struggling program like AR & same offense, for a Coach he trusts will shoot him straight & 99.9 % chance of starting or,
Go to a notable contender with more exposure & talent, but run the risk of being renigged on with playing time.

If he can be beat out by a true freshman QB (although a highly talented one) at Clemson, he may not separate himself enough from another one that’s more experienced in their system.

NFL scouts see the big picture & a lot depends on combine & pro day work outs anyway.

That freshman was the No. 1 player and No. 1 QB in his class and an early enrollee.

I tend to agree with your thinking. Being on a contender would improve his chances at getting considered for post season awards, but if he has NFL talent, he should be able to make it regardless of where he plays. Coming to Arkansas might be a little risky, but if he helps create a dramatic turnaround, he would gather a lot of attention from the scouts.

My personal opinion differs from most. MS St loss is not going to affect his decision. As bad as we look right now, it is not an indication of what we look next year. We have some pieces and played some good games and we have a great recruiting class coming. If he comes here and AR make a stride, he becomes beneficiary of the success. That being said, I prefer for him to go somewhere else. We have to look for long-term and not rely on a band-aid fix. We better off showing loyalty to those who signed with us and spending their eligibility for us.

Well I absolutely disagree with the last part of your comment. We potentially have a long term solution with KJ, but it would be preferable for him to redshirt as a freshman. What better way to spend your freshman year than to be mentored by a senior adept at running the offense? You put him in as starter and you could destroy him from the get-go.

And there is no other QB on the roster who has the physical tools to do it.

KB would be the perfect bridge to the long term future

As I said (a highly talented one).

So you think KJ starts next year if KB doesn’t come?
He won’t even be here till fall camp.