Did LSU game call for some matchup zone?

Was anyone listening to Drive Time Sports in the 6 pm hour? Pat Bradley was on. Pat felt that the way the LSU guards took the defender off the dribble and drove to the hoop, maybe Muss should have employed some zone defense of some kind to try to shut off the dribble penetration. Randy Rainwater said that Muss maybe too hardheaded about the man defense. What does everyone think?

Pat may have a good point but Randy doesn’t have a clue and just parrots what he hears others saying…in a very slow and disjointed way of talking. JMVVVVHO

We were having enough trouble keeping LSU off the glass playing man. Any kind of zone would likely have just made it easier for those forwards. Muss can work on the problems in the base defense and probably get improved results in the re-match in Bud Walton. The basic problem of being out-manned inside won’t go away, but the pain can be lessened.

I thought that a zone might be the way to go late in the 2nd half. But Eric Mussleman has forgotten more about basketball than I ever knew, so I will defer to him.

We are a small team with almost no depth and are going to lose a few games because of it. LSU was one of those games. It just hurts more to lose to a school that cheats.

If they have a matchup zone that rebounds well (and there are not many of those), it could have been alright. What I love is when someone suggests a strategy change that the coach and the team may not like. The coach is the coach and knows what they have done best in practice and what has been the recent preparation.

Pj quoting Rainwater! That’s funny right there!

I think we were a step slow pretty much all night, we didnt get after them like we have other teams. I knew they were going to be games where we were going to get overwhelmed inside so I’m really not surprised.I didn’t think it would be that bad because LSU is not as big as I thought they were. We did a very poor job of blocking out for some reason.

Wasn’t coach Muss opinion, he said we played HARD, just couldn’t win the boards, didn’t properly block out. It’s not like he sugarcoats the way a game goes.

In defense of Pat, he did say some type of zone defense and not just matchup zone.

I guess I should have posted how I felt about Pat and Randy’s comments. I thought we were always in the game and in fact every now and then we were ahead, so it made sense not to make any adjustments. So, I fully understand why Musselman didn’t make any adjustments at this point. So, I kind of disagree with Pat’s comment.

Randy was basically questioning whether in the future Musselman will ever shift from a man defense to something else at some time of the game if the man defense is not stopping the scoring. So JerryJ, funny or not, I have the same question as Randy. I wonder if Musselman can stay with 100% man long term in the SEC. I just think we are going to become too predictable to scout and coming out of timeouts.There are not that many teams out there that do not play any zone.

There’s a reason Rainwater is on the radio and not on the sideline coaching.

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Don’t believe we will be changing defensively any time soon as CEM has sold out to playing man, Down the road I expect to see some zone as a change to possibly catch someone off guard in a much needed win game. I think blocking out is the obvious answer to our lack of rebounding, man or zone doesn’t change the result in rebounding if your not blocking out. Playing zone could possibly stop some of the dribble drives we experienced with LSU which to me is more alarming than the rebounding issue. Dribbling drives shows lacks of foot quickness and that can’t be fixed overnight and tends to lead to foul trouble eventually. Considering the lack of our issues we had a great opportunity to win the game so the sky is not falling but we do have to make some adjustments. WPS

If you stop the dribble drive and make them shoot from the outside, it could make some difference in giving up offensive rebounds. The rebounds from outside shots often come out long, where bigs are not.

Not saying it would have a made a difference in the LSU game, but just a thought,

The hogs rebound better with the 5 guard line up! The defense wouldn’t have mattered when refs don’t call the over the back fouls. Also they failed to block out on some of those second chance putbacks. Until Chaney or someone else steps up and decides to be a force in the middle it will remain about where it is!

I agree, make them shoot from outside gives us our best chance to rebound, but if they get inside blocking out is imperative if you lack size. If you don’t block out you are no longer a participant you have become a OBSERVER and you need to be on the bench with a unobstructed view. WPS

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