Did KJ see the blitz coming, checked to a fly route for Sategna, & --------------------

----------------------------------- then hit him with a perfect throw for the TD? If he did, that is almost as impressive as the fact that our middle linebacker, Grier, was only a step behind the elite sprinter Sategna trying to cover him man to man. Speed at middle linebacker like that may make a big difference next year.

Yes it appears Grier has some giddy up! WPS

Grier has some speed, but that’s still a situation you don’t want. Him trying to cover a slot reciever m 2 m. Most in the SEC have Sategna speed also. But it was a great read by KJ & Sategna on the same page.

That’s the price you pay to sack the QB. KJ does that next season the future opponents will be lots more careful blitzing him after that. It’s good to have a linebacker that can almost run with an elite speedster. It took a perfect throw and somebody to pick up the blitzer to give time to throw it. That was our best on offense against our best on defense and both can be proud of their play. Next season could be very special.

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