Did Joe say he missed shots because winded?

Wasn’t sure if I saw that right in an article.

With all the emphasis on getting the team in better shape and Mason Jones having trimmed up I thought an interesting comment - again unless I miss read.

You did not misread what he said. Not sure why he said that. You rarely hear players admit to that.

Also, are they really in better shape than last year? The previous coach also had a big conditioning program that they prided themselves in.

The pace was fast and he played 27 of the possible 32 minutes. Nothing to be concerned about.

In this new system the coach seems to say fewer people will be playing aka you better be in shape because we don’t platoon like previously.

Makes one wonder if we are ready physically.

Usually coach develops a substitution pattern over the first few games and most players build there real game stamina through the first few games. They should be fine.

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I think he was just being honest. Always harder to hit shots when tired. That happens in just about every game.

Red White games are the toughest to play. You don’t get to sub and there are no real media timeouts. No radio. No TV. No breaks. Short halftime.

They will have more breaks when the season gets here in a few weeks. Remember, this is first week of October. They are probably NOT in game shape.