Did I just hear Mike Anderson right???

Did I hear him say that they were making too many 3’s so we had
to go to a match-up zone? Holy rusted metal mountains Batman!!!

Who would have thought a zone might help this team!!! Raise your
hands… anyone… Bueller… Bueller.

I’ve been screamin for most of the season this team needs to play zone!
That traping man that switches everything has killed us all year.

Wow! Finally!!

Now if Macon can get past his St. Louis Slump.

Macon is passing up open shots to get guarded. It stinks for those seniors to have Gabe end up with the ball at the end of the shot clock. Trey just threw one up.
Late in the half they got a little flow. They better build a lead!

Me too. The Zone turned the game for us

Barford picking up the slack for sure.

Mike Anderson was in the zone tonight ! WPS

I was soooo happy. I was so proud of Mike Anderson for his coaching in this game. His use of the Match up zone made the difference. Go watch the Florida post game press conf. Mike White and the players were absolutely stunned. I loved it. Mike White and Chiozza praised our match up zone defense, and they praised the changing of defenses from trapping man to match up zone as very disruptive.

Feel like of you do not get the concept of the match up zone, which has played a significant amount of this season and looks like a man at times

Exactly. Nothing new at all.

I don’t see how you know what many of us think based on a message board interaction. You are making assumptions. Posters have been pretty clear about the trapping man, switches, and press defense that are all causing fatigue. All 3 components of Mike’s preferred style are terribly stressful and that is why you need a deep rotation at guard. We are painfully shallow at guard. I have asked for more match up zone since CJ Jones went into a funk in late Dec. I recognize we have played some match up zone during the season but it is not at the level of utilization we needed to protect our starting guards when CJ and Darius can’t give them enough rest.