Did I Hear Walton Correctly?

I tried my best to tune him out and pay attention to the games. It was very difficult to do with all of his rambling and BS, but I thought I heard him say that Anderson’s team had over a 3.0 combined GPA. Is that true? If it is even close, that is a far cry from where it was just a few short years when it seemed a 2.0 was celebrated.

He did mention it but I have not seen or heard any academic information lately.
I do know MA has standards and enforces those standards of your going to play and remain on the team.
Walton also shut Goodman up when he talked about Macon and Bardford coming in last year and saving MA’s job!

He also said that all the seniors are expected to graduate or have already graduated. If I count right, that is 6 seniors on target to graduate. Nothing short of outstanding. Unconfirmed but that is what Walton said.


I do believe all the seniors will graduate.

That is awesome. Kudos to those seniors and the staff for leading them.

Amazing accomplishment with the amount of time that is required to play
basketball at this level. You know Mike is smiling when he knows these guys are going to walk away with a college diploma. Winning off the court as well as on
the court. It puts a smile on my face as well.

He was a pain; he just wanted to toot his own horn instead of talking about the game, teams, and players.

He did make a comment that was useful. He said that Gafford needs to work on his footwork. He then commented about balance and how players must keep their head centered over their feet to have good balance. I wondered whether his picking up on Gafford’s footwork and balance was something that almost any coach would see or whether he was really onto something from his years of experience. If Gafford does have a problem with that, do the coaches recognize it and are they addressing it. Bill Walton may have a motor mouth, but he does know something about basketball.

I believe he said the Columbia River had a four point…