Did I hear that we "wore them down"?

I couldn’t watch the game, but either the radio post-game or news highlights mentioned that we “wore down” UNT. That seems remarkable to me, given our 8 scholarship players. I’ve watched highlights this am, we were playing very aggressive defense (blocked 2 3-pointers?!?!?).

So I guess we are in phenomenal shape, these kids have really been working hard this off season.

On the other hand, in the middle of conference, playing 2 games a week, with travel and all the teams we’ll play that are sooooo much taller than we are, it’s hard to imagine us maintaining this effort. At some point bodies just wear out.

Very interesting season, but so far I am really impressed with our team’s effort, conditioning and defense. Should be fun to watch how they attack better teams.


So far, I think bigger teams have more to worry about their power forward trying to guard Jones than we have to worry about rebounding against their taller power forward and his friends. I am really impressed with how our space and pace offense and good three point shooters have opened up the floor for our little guys to offensive rebound. Some teams WILL pound us inside but we are not going to be an easy team to beat. There have been very few passes into a post guy for an easy basket. Our defense has been very good with only a couple of times appearing to let up. Very interesting team.

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