Did I Dream

Did I dream (more like a nightmare, actually) last night that I saw a bulletin or tweet on my iPhone screen that said Eli Drinkwitz had been fired as coach at Mizzou, and Barry Odom would be taking over for him as interim coach for the remainder of the season? Anybody else see that? Woke up this morning and can’t find anything about it or where I might have seen it (thank goodness!). Guess I dreamed it…

Several late night beverages?


One to many drinkwitzes on an empty stomach will get you every time.


When did that ever happen in CFB? Coach FIRED and rehired by same school?
I missed it or forgot. :sunglasses:

Guess you saw this.

That’s it! Guess I wasn’t dreaming after all. Best part about it is it isn’t true, though. Thank you!

I’m hearing Mizzou in talks w Gruden. :sunglasses:

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