Did Hornsby play last night?

If he did, I didn’t I missed it?

No, he did not.

Was he hurt

I saw him at wideout.

Matt says NO
Marty and Mike say YES (I saw him on a play)

Box says NO???

Missouri St.
0-Ashley, Kaunor, 1-Harris, Aaron, 10-Brooks, Tyrin, 11-McMurrin, Jamal, 12-Hall, P.J., 13-McGee, Todric, 15-Booker, Jahod, 16-Crump, C.J., 17-Lloyd, Jared,
18-Owens, Terique, 2-Brown, Tico, 21-Ward, Steven, 22-Johnson, Jeremiah, 24-Thompson, Trae, 29-O’Neal, J.J., 3-Washington, DeAndre, 31-Manning, Celdon,
31-Burkett, Grant, 36-Hoskins, Jordan, 38-Pizano, Jose, 4-Cunningham, Andrew, 40-Lair, Connor, 43-Dietlin, Caleb, 44-Suliafu, Siale, 45-Bolz, Caden, 49-
Buddemeyer, Carson, 57-Tchio, Gilles, 6-Sharpe, Raylen, 66-Goodson, Grant, 7-Mitchell, Naveon, 8-Wright, Larry, 84-Key, D’Vontae, 88-Wood, Hunter, 90-
Smithson, Sterling, 91-Toliver, Ja’Veo, 95-Williams, Jalen, 96-Wallace, Armon
0-Green, AJ, 0-Davillier, Nico, 13-Wilson, Jaedon, 14-Stephens, Bryce, 14-Domineck, Jordan, 17-Mbake, Sam, 17-Clark, Hudson, 18-Gordon, Trent, 19-
Johnson, Khari, 2-Jackson Jr., Ketron, 23-Gerald, Dorian, 27-Paul Jr., Chris, 29-Little, Cam, 30-Bauer, Reid, 31-Fletcher, Max, 35-Powell, Mani, 36-Crook,
Jordan, 37-Thomas Jr., Eric, 39-Bates, Jake, 45-Woodard, Jackson, 48-Stein, Eli, 49-Williams, McKinley, 5-Ball, Cameron, 53-Crawford, Ty’Kieast, 6-Turner,
Jacorrei, 6-Dubinion, Rashod, 67-Street, Josh, 74-St. John, Jalen, 75-Kutas, Patrick, 8-Washington, Ty, 81-McAdoo, Quincey, 85-Cole, Harper, 89-Bax, Nathan, 99-Hampton, Terry

PLUS starters

NO Malik

We can expect to see him hit the portal. For whatever reason they are not using him.

He should have played. He is electric with the ball in his hands. He was not happy leaving the field. He needs at least 5 touches per game. I know, we are not coaches but Hornsby is one of those players that even a dummy like me can see he needs to be on the field.


SO did he play or Not??

I saw him I think??

According to Pro Football Focus, he played 1 offensive snap.

I based my answer off of the participation chart. I did not see him either, but I trust others who say they saw him.

Hopefully, Briles has something cooled up for him in Jerry’s World Saturday night. Maybe a replica of that 4th and one BMFP call with KJ tossing a Shelley-like pass softly to him streaking by a lone Aggie defender to the endzone. If this becomes Briles’ last year, and JK leaves as anticipated, perhaps a new coordinator would see his ability and physical strengths as needed on the field. Of course, he enter the Portal following the last game on 11/25.

Unless there is another #4, he was split wide left. I even commented on it just before the snap.

I agree. He needs at least 5 touches a game.