Did Hogs pick up a transfer RB?

Anybody heard anything?

Twitter says a track guy is going to play. Running back. That might be the buzz.

The track guy is Josh Oglesby, who is fast, but also just 5-8.

So he’s playing, Dudley?

Until a 235 lb LB hits him. :face_with_head_bandage:

Dexter McCluster was 5’8. Trindon Holliday was 5’5.

Speed is speed. It would be nice if he is also a good football player.

He can’t be on a track scholarship and play football, can he?


I bet Auburn fans still have nightmares of Fred Talley running around campus.



Josh Oglesby played RB at Katy, Tx H.S. and was ranked as the nations No. 42 all-purpose running back and the No. 400 overall prospect in the class of 2018, according to 247Sports Composite Rankings.

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And so we have another running back. Is there anything these coaches are not on top of?

The Line backer would have to catch him on order to deliver the hit!


That 400 overall prospect is a little misleading. He was number 400 in the state of Texas. 2634 overall in the country. Was a .78 rated 2 star

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Nope. If he plays football he has to count against the 85 limit.

Actual i thought if you were on a scholarship for at least 2 years in another sport, you could count as a walk on

Not in football. Marcus Monk or Jamario Bell can play basketball or Connor Noland can play baseball because they were on football scholarship. But you can’t play football under any circumstances as a scholarship athlete without counting against the 85. That’s rule There are no exceptions for FBS schools.

Is it possible that he walks on the football team dropping his track scholarship?

When we lived in Katy we were in a community group with his aunt and uncle. Seems like a good kid and comes from a good family. He was a good RB in high school for sure.

That would be the only way he could play, I think. If he stayed on scholarship, not only would he have to count against the 85, he’d also count against the 25 initial-counter limit which is already full. That’s rule

Now if he was a walk-on in track, that’s another story.

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