Did Harsin ever have a chance?

It seems to me, he was doomed from the start. An unpopular pick with some of their almighty powerbrokers. Some of those folks wanted him to fail and probably did all they could to undermine his success. In this era of transferring without penalty, it was inevitable that many Gus recruited players were going to take their talent elsewhere. After a disappointing but not horrible first season, they tried to smear the man to avoid having to pay a costly buyout. What do you think that did for recruiting? It has been obvious since last season ended that he was a dead man walking. No wonder so many rats have jumped the ship. I can’t help but feel for the guy. Even though I know he is leaving with more money than I could spend in a few lifetimes.

Maybe it’s a sign people should be careful where they accept a job!

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If Tank Bigsby stays in bounds and they beat Bama last year, he’d probably be safe. For a little while anyway. Although they can’t believe they got their butts kicked Saturday by little old Arkansas.

How can we feel sorry for anyone that made $19 million dollars today

Oh I’m not losing any sleep over it. I also understand the guy has a very hot looking wife. He’ll be fine. I just think the way this thing played out, reflects poorly on Aubrun and their bigshot boosters.

Seems like a good guy, don’t think he ever had a chance with Yellawood calling the shots

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I knew he was doomed when all the AU in-laws on my wife’s side of the family said when he was hired “He’s not one of us”…

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What do you mean yellawood calling the shots? Why that’s blasphemy. Every real Aubrun man knows that Bobby Dadgum Lowder calls the shots around there!

Clesi wants her share of the cash.

Surprised he made it thru last spring with internal investigation & players leaving. He had to be undefeated right now to have only a luke warm seat.

Bobby Lowder doesn’t throw near as big a shadow as he once did. Hasn’t been on the Board of Trustees in about 10 years (and was removed by a vote of the Legislature) and his Colonial Bank was shut down by federal regulators.

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Yeah, but he’s still slithering around behind the scenes.

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