Did Dowell earn his 100K raise?

if you value recruiting then he definitely did, Dowell is now #2 recruiter in country by 24/7 eval.

although I guess there could be some doubt since he is listed as qB coach.


I am rooting for Dowell. Really like his story and role in Razorback history. I had hoped he would have had more success in the NFL as an OC, but glad is a Hog again. Who knows? He may pull a Sam and make a top tier HC one day.

Ashley is next on the list at 61 and at 67 was recently departed Mr Carter. Old OL coach Andersen made top 75.

Sam has a system that works. If he can get his assistants to follow the plan, everyone on the staff will be highly rated.



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What is remarkable is Arkansas has 5 and Georgia has 5 to top the number of SEC coaches on the list. Admittedly, it could be a bit fluid, but over time if it holds, the results could be significant. Is Sam some kind of wizard?

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