Did Deandre Coley play in 2nd half?

Don’t remember seeing him. Saw Ramirez and Liddell. If not, was it a decision by coaches to reinforce that he can’t target the way he has lately?

He did not play. No one asked about him afterward.

I asked. He was dressed and ready to play. He was not injured. They just didn’t put him out there. I believe it was to drive home the point that he had put the team at risk with his play twice this year.

This thing is bigger than one loss. I tend to believe Clay’s theory on Coley. Tough love teaches kids that the team (or others) are move important than yourself. This staff and CBB have proven that they care about our kids long term development. I guarantee that CBP would have played Coley. I know of an example of CBP allowing a star QB to get away with a lot. He didn’t learn those tough lessons. And he paid the price in the NFL by getting cut.

Wins and losses will eventually determine CBB’s success at Arkansas but I’m seeing successes in teaching kids do the right thing by him and his staff. I love his approach. And I think he’ll right this ship. I sure hope he does.

If that is the case, why didn’t Hayden Johnson sit after the public intox? He should be taught that the team is bigger than his having fun!!! We’ve got to stop making everything “peachy” when it comes to explanations. We have no idea why Coley did not play!

Similarly, if Bielema wants to “put the team first” then he needs to stop saying he “hates Auburn” in press conferences, and picking petty fights with Gus to create unnecessary animosity. No matter how slight the contribution Bielema’s antics made, they partially got you to 56-3 on Saturday. No doubt. I think even Matt said before the game that if Gus had the chance, he’d run it up. If the team really is first, then keep the petty personal squabbles out of it, quit running your mouth, have your team prepared to play, put blinders on, and go play.

Drive home the point? I didn’t think either ejection was targeting. Heck he’s one of the few on that defense that will actually hit you w a vengeance. Now maybe that is the message to give our defense play some flag football. SAw a Bama player absolutely maul the Aggie kid for returner. Could have been targeting. He gets applauded and high fives on sideline. Maybe that why they tackle and we play touch.


some punishment not having to play that second half LOL

If they really wanted to punish him, they would have put him in the game…

I’m told he sprained an ankle on Thursday. Was going to play some in the second half, but it was probably decided not to put him in with the score out of hand with a gimpy ankle.