Did D.J. Weaver hint about his future school

while on Recruiting Thursday?

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … cruiting-/


Yea, there was a lot of “we” when referring to the hogs, don’t think I’ve ever heard a non-committed out of state prospect ever refer to the Hogs as we when talking about them, definitely a good sign, probably hears so much about them being around the hog 5.

RD, has he given a timetable on making his decision or when he’ll do his official visits. 2018 guys can start doing officials in the summer right?

DJ cannot be 18. He sounds mature way beyond his years. Wow!

I think you should hear something this summer.

He was like that when I talked to him as a freshman. Blew me away.

What do you think of DJ calling you “coach”?

His mom - Prairie View A&M women’s track coach Angela Williams - is very impressive as well.

She has brought DJ up right.

We’ve been working on his jump shot.

Comments: this young man is hawgball bound, providing it works out through the summer, and it appears things are off to a good start this spring, and why not Coach Ingram is more than an AAU coach he is the Shepard a hand of Mike’s.