Did Cornelius or Hammonds play?

Seems we continue to miss some depth from guys at least I assumed would be on the field more.

Are they still hurt or just not with this staff or what I wonder.

Cornelius did but not TJ - I expect he’s transferring and is preserving his redshirt.

Cornelius continues to be a non-factor, though I believe he did throw the pass to Storey on a play he where he should have just tucked the ball in and run.

To be fair, however, on that play the guy who was going to be open for a touchdown on that play got held by an Ole Miss defender as he started to run by him, about ten yards downfield, but it was not called. I don’t think Storey was the first option.

Cornelius started and got in the fracas when Storey got targeted so he played.

Hammonds is not listed on the participation chart

He has played in four games with 10 carries for 31 yards and 4 catches for 84 yards.

On that play, Cornelius’ first option is to throw deep.

Second option to run it

Third, toss it back.

I thought it was a questionable call at that point because they were moving the ball with the running game

Four games…Hmmm

Hammonds needs to redshirt and move to receiver. He is not a tailback. He needs to be in the slot.