Did coach say he should have recruited more O linemen?

If so I at least appreciate the honesty and self assessment.

I respect identifying an issue and manning up,

May not fix the current issue for Alabama and the others we face but it shows acknowledgment of a piece of plan to get out of the hole.

Hope we are all over juco guys for immediate O line fixes next season.

He has said that twice in the past couple or three weeks when asked about the offensive line. He has said it about linebackers, too.

CBB admitting to not recruiting enough O-linemen is also a way of not blaming players or assistant coaches. Point your guns at me boys. Nothing to see over there.
There are enough scholarship and non-scholarship players on the roster that if just some of them developed you would at least have five or six to play. It is not like you need 20 to put on the field.
CBB considers himself a developer of 3 star players into NFL ready players. Or at least SEC caliber. That is how he explains away his recruiting results. The stars don’t matter.
It appears this team cannot find five offensive linemen or even two safeties that can play. Watching o-linemen wiffing on blocks and one of our safties, a senior, wandering around like a lost boy in a wheatfield brings the developing skills strongly into question.

That article was very telling, in more ways than one. The O-Line coach is awful, yet he still supports him. He refuses to make a necessary change - and it is the same with the starting QB. The Hogs are going to get steam-rolled and AA is going to take a pounding

I could not agree more. Just watched a recommended video of coach Kurt Anderson talking all things ol. Not sure he even knows what he’s saying. He’s just talking. Embarrassing interview.

This is a way of addressing the issue without having to blame the players or the coaches. We have seen him do that a couple of times this week.
You only need five to have a good line. Depth is nice, but not the problem we are seeing here. Just because you bring in more bodies doesn’t mean they won’t play the way the current ones are. Of course you increase your chances of success, but numbers is not one of the root problems which he is not addressing.
You either have evaluation issues or you have developmental issues or both.
Focusing on the numbers is just a distraction from the real problems that he does not want to address publicly.
What is really interesting is I have never seen an Arkansas line where there seemed to be so much space between linemen. Defensive linemen seem to have clear shots on either side of the linemen, like they are really skinny and unmovable in pass blocking. I know it is an illusion, but the results are the same, open lanes straight to the QB.
The coaches are not reaching these linemen and there is no guarantee that having five or six more would make much difference.

I do not agree with the statement that he did not sign enough… It’s quality and misses on the ones that were signed.

I know I always found it strange that he would not sign a “Full Class” and would save the offer for a walk on.

But let’s be real here, our OL is not the only area of concern on this team.

Did he not sign enough kickers? Both scholarship kickers are weak,
How about DL? We have had to change styles because we “can’t recruit enough DLs at Arkansas”
LBers??? We have two walk ons as backups and honestly we are just not very good… Where is the production from LeFrance, Walker etc…
And Last Safety has been bad for 3 years. #28 a sr just is lost out there and we latterly have no one behind him… Santos is a player but recruiting wise we have done poor here.

I don’t think the problem is simply needing to have signed 4 or 5 more high school OLs in years one and two.,

Good post - either it’s a ton of poor evaluations or CBB’s vaunted ability to develop talent is overstated . Linebacker has really been something to behold. It’s amazing that Brooks Ellis basically had to play every snap for four years because they could never recruit serviceable depth. Same thing now - a walkon is the backup for both ILB spots. What about the scholarship LB’s signed?


Why doesn’t anyone ask him why he didn’t use the full scholarship alotment each year then? He could have recruited more OL and LB’s. That’s on him. He always leaves 2-3 spots open.

I ask all the time, write stories about it, put his reaction on the board.

He has noted that he likes to have room under the 85 for a transfer such as David Williams, Jake Raulerson, etc

Other years, because of retention and the APR - which was not a factor back in the day - you just don’t have the numbers and can’t run everybody off like you used to could

This will be a limited class and likely so will next year’s.

I also noted two years ago that signing just 3 OLs was not a good deal.