Did CBB want Pittman to go?

Pittman was in charge of recruiting and development of OL. Did Bielema see that Pittman kept missing on recruits, and he wasn’t developing depth, and nudge him out the door?

The story is that Coach B did everything he could to get Pitt to stay. Even had the whole offensive line go to his house. Puzzling, huh?


THIS - fought like crazy to try and keep a guy who people now say is responsible for cupboard being empty

I don’t think the cupboard is as bare as some say. I think a large part of it is the new OL coach.

Bielema fought to keep Pittman, no doubt.

I think Bret was surprised Pittman left and did not want him to go. I do wonder if Pittman knew that things were gong to be tough this year with what they had coming back in the offensive line. He recruited them and had them every day. If he didn’t know, then no one did. He told me several times last year that he was concerned about depth and knew they had to recruit at least two junior college players. One was found when he was coaching. The other was added after he left by Anderson.

Pittman had already announced his departure to UGA when CBB, in a smart alec move, took all the O-Line to Pittman’s house and asked Pittman to explain to these guys why he was leaving them… That was a move that was done WELL after it was determined Pittman was GONE!!!

I ran into Pitt this summer & talked to him for quite a while. He was a nice guy. He was really upset by what he saw as BB trashing him after he left…really upset!