Did Casey Martin play any football?

With his speed, you’d think he would contribute.

I don’t know the answer, but Lonoke is a very small school. I’d be surprised if someone with his athletic ability wouldn’t have played at such a school.

It’s funny you ask because I asked him about that today. He was a slot receiver on a triple option team at Lonoke. He said he took a lot of handoffs.

Did he play for lonoke, or Cabot? I remember a couple of ears ago I watched a Cabot game to see Jarrod Barnes, and someone pointed out the slot receiver/safety to me saying he was going to play baseball for the hogs. Cabot, famous for the triple option as well.

He played at Lonoke.

Is the commit from Cabot still at Cabot? I don’t recall what class he was in, but I know they commit early. He was really athletic.

Hooper was the kid at Cabot. He was committed to Hogs, but Hogs ran out of room. I think he’s at juco now.

Arkansas has two commits from Cabot right now - Zack Morris, a left-handed pitcher in the class of 2019, and Clayton Gray, an outfielder in the class of 2020.

Morris is really blowing up on the summer circuit right now with a fastball clocked at 92 mph. Scouts are taking notice.

When did Zack transfer from Bayside???

Here’s my story from Omaha on Casey’s speed: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -arkansas/

Nate Thompson told me, “I think he’s as fast as anybody in the country. He doesn’t have to get hits to get hits.”

Carson Shaddy said Martin is the fastest guy he’s ever played with.

So you are telling me that he is even faster than Craig Gentry and Stephen Robison? (SR was a lightly used player who had incredible speed, but couldn’t get on base. He played with Gentry.)