Did Broughton just commit?


aTm or Texass?


I saw the tweet you are probably referring to, but it doesn’t appear that is what happened.

It was a retweet of Ohio State staff wishing him well at The Opening.

He will do more of a grand announcement - likely before the season starts

I have audio of an interview he did today today at The Opening. Will be listening soon.

Most think it’s aTm, if it isn’t us, and that looks less likely every day, then I hope it’s Texass between those two. We only have to face him once in 2021.

I think those who report on Texas and Texas A&M always think prospects are going there regardless of info.

TY - Otis liked it and it popped up in my timeline

including Arkansas, who also sent him a good luck tweet for The Opening.


I think that is the coolest football picture that I’ve ever seen. Man he looks great in that jersey! GHG!