Did Briles go to Mich? Trick play

EOM ??
Calling plays?

Pick 6, not Mich but TCU.

14 zip TCU 2;27 1st quarter

I don’t like Mich but neither do I like TCU

End of the 1st quarter 14-zip TCU, Mich driving though.

14-3 TCU-----13:50 2nd

Michigan and their fans that Ive met over the years seem to be humble, beer drinking folks. When I lived in Indiana up until 2.5yrs ago, I used to travel frequently to Detroit, and always made it a point to go through Ann Arbor. The area is also quite pretty.

My last 2yrs prior to coming back to Arkansas, I was in NE Ohio. I cannot stand their schooll or their aragont & cocky fans. I worked with 5 of them up there, and those people just sucked overall.

Shockingly while living in Ohio, the 1 Texas Fan I worked with was my closest buddy. Plain weird, I know

14-10 TCU

INT and a 1 play TD for MICH

Under review

Great thoughts sir!

Was that SEC refs calling the guy down at the 1 and no TD and then a fumble in the end zone!

Posted first SEC refs jacking this game up, sorry…

TCU holding on held them to a punt.

14-3-9:20 2nd qt

Qt TCU ball

TCU moving down to the 19, now to the 14, down to 7.

First and goal at the 7. TD

21–3 TCU

Mich driving and SEC refs make-up call on Mich, QB

4th and 20, TCU hold, Mich.

Mich punts, and TCU has the ball with 2 minutes till half.


I am not a fan of the Big 10/?, but we recruit constantly against TCU. We don’t need a strong TCU program pulling in the leftovers from Texas, A&M, and OK from the top 100 in Texas high school. That is the large pool of players we need to get a bunch from every year. I wish they could both lose. Go Georgia!

I agree with both losing.

made a 59 yard FG

Half time 21-6 TCU

Mich should have more points, at least 3 or 10 points or 14 more

Total yards 202 TCU to 221 Mich

Stats across the board even

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