Did Auburn sap the Hogs confidence?

or did they hit the pitching wall created by losing too many pitchers for the season?

They sure seem a different team since the Auburn series. Pitching, hitting and defense.

Could be. After that disastrous first, Stephan really settled down & pitched well, though. Unfortunately, we haven’t put any offense together. We’ve had two solo HR’s in the past two games. We’re now running out of outs. Tough to get 3 runs with 6 outs to play.

There was a time this year where I was confident that the Hogs would come back later in a game. That seems to have gone away.

Looks like we are running into that same wall we did last year. Can not close out the season

10 days ago I was very optimistic about hosting a regional & perhaps even getting a national seed. Now we’re going to have to close out with a bunch of wins to even have a chance to host. UK, MSU, UF & AU are all in a better position than we are. We’re running out of series to reverse that. Now lost 4 of our last 5 SEC games. (Well, absent a miracle comeback in the 9th we’ve lost 4 of 5.) And right now I can’t feel too good about salvaging a 1-2 series split with OM.

My personal opinion is that we are starting each ballgame in the wrong manner. Our starting pitchers pitch like they think they can blow a 94 mph fastball past anyone. Hey, this is the SEC. Even .157 hitters can drive it if you throw it down the heart of the plate. Once blistered for several runs, our pitchers settle down, start mixing their pitches and start throwing more breaking balls. Why can we practice that in the bullpen and come into the game mixing it up.

I have no opinion one way or the other about why we’ve done so poorly lately, but this 1st inning in the 2nd game of the DH seems to encapsulate what’s happened to us. OM gets a leadoff HR to take a 1 run lead. Then we get our first two runners on base with no outs & leave them stranded. Our long deep hits are just a couple of feet short of the fence to go for long nice outs.