Did Arkansas have any timeouts left?

I believe Arkansas had timeouts left at the end. If that is true, we are learning Coach Muss’s coaching philosophies piece by piece.

Appears Muss does not like to call timeouts to set up the final shot. Like it. That is what I would like to see a coach do in that scenario.

think we had at least two…know that each team gets 1 additional time out for the ot

Yes. He had 3 left. Don’t know why he didn’t just call timeout with that .1 second left when he was frantically trying to get Mason back to the bench.

I believe the only time out we called in the whole game is when we couldn’t get the ball inbounds. Muss just doesn’t like using TOs.

For one thing Muss hasn’t had to call time outs to try & stop the other teams momentum so far. Until last night but both teams were exhausted so maybe he didn’t want them to get a breather either.

I find this funny considering for years some on this board complained constantly when Anderson wouldn’t call timeouts at that moment.

As organized as Muss and the other coaches seem to be, when he needs to call time outs he will.

Isn’t that what Nolan did, too? seem to recall him saying that his guys knew what to do, and didn’t want the other team to have time to set up D.

Love everything about it. Implies that the kids are well coached, and the coach has confidence in his players, and that the coach is nervous/scared to lose.


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Coach said after the game that he didn’t want to call a timeout because it would allow GT to set up some type of defense.

That is exactly why most coaches don’t call timeouts. I think that is the right strategy.

Only time fans complain is when they decide they don’t like the coach and he doesn’t call a timeout and it results in a loss. Otherwise you don’t hear much.

I guess it depends on which Coach of the Hogs is not calling timeouts huh? Lol

Regardless of the coach, it is always the right thing to do if it works. It is always the wrong thing to do if it doesn’t work. If it actually resulted in a loss, it doesn’t matter if it was or wasn’t called, it was an idiotic, unbelievably stupid decision to call or not call a TO. :rage:

I do not recall Musselman calling any timeouts this season.

Agree, and I also believe that if that shot does not bank home, we would have a huge thread about last possession mismanagement.

I’ll even say it now… it was a horrible possession and poor shot choice that went our way this time.

ESPN credited him with calling one last night. I went back and rewatched the game, and the announcers on the ACCN said Pastner called it

But it is really nice to have the basketball gods give us one

I agree it was a horrible possession. It was, however, the only shot choice left and it took great effort to even get it off without getting it blocked. There was close to zero off the ball movement for the last 10 seconds, so it became the only choice for Mason to make. Just glad he got it off in time and it was close enough to get a friendly bounce off the backboard.

Agreed! GHG

I did not think Musselman called any last night, so I think ESPN is wrong.

We called a timeout once when we couldn’t inbound the ball
ESPN is correct