Did anyone really expect anything different?

Actually there are signs of promise, but they are covered by mistakes.

Nope. I’m seeing exactly what I expected to see. An outmanned team doing their best to make it even easier for Bama than it should be. They might just hang 70 on us.

About what I expected. Now they’ll have a chance to win three of the last four.

We will see pretty quick if Morris has lost the team next week

I don’t think he has lost the team! It appears especially the last 2 weeks the difference in speed between the hogs and our SEC counterparts. It looked like the young hogs fought hard but just couldn’t stop making mistakes.
Maybe they find a way to win 2 out of the next 4 games.

I was impressed that the Hogs (in my opinion) never quit. This is a very big step forward.

The young hogs played hard and fought! It was nice to see. These last 4 games will be their chance to show improvement. Especially against WKY, Miss ST and Missouri. I don’t think they have a chance to beat LSU that game will resemble the Bama game.

I agree with Armyhog…we played hard all night. We just can’t run. We are too slow. We never quit, but those dumb^$$ mistakes just killed us into making this something other than an embarrassment. The brightest spot was the drive lead by John Stephen Jones. That gave me a little hope.

Well, I can’t help picking up the SMU story again. They are now 8-0 and ranked 16. The TCU team they beat earlier this year beat #15 Texas this week and TCU has a decent record. I was assured earlier on this site that TCU had a poor team this year. The SMU versus Memphis game this week will be the featured game on ABC. I will be watching. I am more convinced than ever that Rhett Lashlee (SMU OC) should be Arkansas’ next OC.

Be careful, you’re not allowed to be interested in other teams by many on this site. Go Ponies…

Few expected Arkansas to be competitive against a much superior talented Alabama team. However, no excuse for so many self-inflicted mistakes & miscues by Arkansas would have made us non-competitive against any team, good or bad.
With our lousy record & backs to the wall so far this season, one would expect good coaches would have this team better prepared on game day.

Not sure how to judge SMU success. Is that due to their coaching or that they were fortunate to land a top Power5 QB transfer like Buechele who has elevated a relatively talented SMU team, via CCM & Dykes, to their current record & ranking?

Is it luck when a coach recruits a player to come to their team?

Many factors when players choose a team including: proximity to home, proven success of the coach or the program to get them into the NFL, or peer pressure from friends & family with ties/loyalty to any one school. Many players go to Bama or prefer SEC for the national, tv, & pro-football exposure.

In Buechele’s case SMU had an immediate need for a starting QB, he was back-up at ut, & SMU was close to home. Not sure if ut would have blocked his transfer to another Big12 school.

That’s just silly. We don’t care who you guys are interested in on this board.

A few were giving me grief for rooting for or admiring OU and/or SMU. No big deal. I’ve said I’ll do away with the OU stuff.