Did anyone notice?

That Jalen Harris was 2-for-2 from deep, after 8-for-season last year?

Nice to see. He was selective also. Apparently breakfast club helped a lot.

I had been told that he improved his shooting over the summer. I thought that might happen as the season developed last year. But it definitely looks like it has for this season.

Like to see how Harris shoots when game is on the line or with shot clock is running down before celebrating. Most of his three point attempts last year were in that scenario.

Remember in the first preseason game last year, he shot 2 for 3.

I am hoping his shot will come on like the Manny Watkins three in Manny’s senior year.

I watched his stroke very closely. They seemed to correct his shoulder movement in a way I never would have thought of. He had time to set up and he’s no longer squared shouldered facing the the basket. He’s set up facing slightly to his left, making it nearly impossible to get shoulder push. If he does, the shot would end up 5 feet left of the basket. Hopefully he’ll remember that all season.