Did anyone notice ...

how much better we were with Beard on the bench?

I bet Blu did.


In all seriousness I thought Beard played a good game tonight. Very first play of the game he threw the ball into the post to Gafford for an easy bucket. He didn’t force a lot of shots, he only had 5 attempts which is a good number of attempts for him, IMO. We have 3 guys that can score. We don’t need Anton to score the ball to win. If he’s taking 10+ I don’t like our chances to win, because he’s only going to make 2 or 3 of those shots, I’d rather them go to our of our big 3.

Wow I thought Beard took good shots tonight and he was gritty on defense. The added rest on the bench helped him have energy late in the game.
In my opinion Macon and Bardford took this game over and didn’t pass late to Beard for him to take a shot late in the clock. Beard may make some mistakes bet we need the young man to play well and yes at times he needs to score.
I would like to know why Dustin Thomas didn’t play. I was proud MA took Cook out after his 3 possession blunder. If there’s a player that had a bad game there’s one that caused the opponent to get on a ninny run.

I’m getting concerned that Beard will not pass to Gafford when he is wide open. It is too obvious like last night.

Why you bashing the players instead of putting the blame on the coach? These are the types of posts that make people form secret message board societies and divides the community. If Beard isn’t passing the ball in the post it’s the coaches fault, because everybody knows player’s can’t make a decision without running it through the coach first.

I did, and hope that Thomas and Cook also see less and less. Beard is a momentum killer waiting to happen.

Anton was actually a +12 last night. Arkansas scored 1.26 PPP with him on the floor in 39 possessions, 1.07 in 30 possessions he sat, according to HoopLens. Gamecocks scored 1.00 PPP when he was on the floor, .90 off. Both of those defensive figures are great, and kind of what you’d expect facing a team sub-300 nationally in 2-point and 3-point offense.

I knew you couldn’t be mature. Please don’t respond to my posts.

YES!!! Also Gabe comes in with the most energy I think!

Not for bashing, but what in the world are you trying to say?

It was a joke.

To fill you in…

The last couple of threads when we were discussing Beard’s performance, Hog Treat told me and others that were critical of his performances that we should be embarrassed of ourselves for bashing Beard. He said we bash the players in order to try and protect CMA. He then took it a step further and said me and others have formed a secret message board group set out to defend CMA. He said we’ve been attacking him in order to “freeze him out” and get him to stop posting on the message board. He said the reason we do this is to get in good with the owners of this message board.

And I’m not making that story up he really said all of that. And actually said a lot more stuff, but I could not interpret everything else it was just long post with a lot of rambling. I just thought it was funny that he went through all of that to defend Beard, now he’s on here criticizing him.

No you clearly stated that you were getting PM’d to not respond to me. I said that PM and buddying up was a common practice on all board and not surprised he was PMing. Your twisting of the story doesn’t make you look any better.

I just simply said a poster PMed me not to argue with you because it’s pointless you don’t listen. You then went on a rant talking about how we are on here PMing each other and forming groups to try to “freeze people out” and gain favor with the owners of the board. Then you went full out Psychology 101 talking about social interactions and group think and a bunch of other stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with Anton Beard taking bad shots lol.

You said this not me… Don’t get mad at me because you said all of this. Don’t say something if you don’t want it brought up.

Ha. Well actually bash the whole team, because no one except the bigs would toss it in (Oh except the very first pass of the game from Beard to Gafford - but that doesn’t matter).

Beard stayed out of the way. We are better when that happens. His defense was ok and he didn’t force things he is incapable of doing. MHO

I stand by what I said. This crap happens on all boards all the way back to the KARK Board and the Old Pigpen. This is nothing new and goes on all the time. I just told you it didn’t matter to me and meant nothing that you had to inform us that you were PMing with people about ignoring posters. Your self importance is telling. I also know that you do your best to twist stories around like a Jilted teenage girl. Below is what YOU said and dont get mad at me because YOU said all of this.

Blu wrote: ↑Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:35 pm
How is both teams having a 15-8 record misleading. They both are 15-8 LOL. I didn’t make that up. Conference record does not matter to the NCAA committee. And that’s all I care about what they think.

Florida’s RPI is 48, 31 SOS, 15-8 Overall Record. Arkansas’ RPI is 34, 32 SOS, 15-8 record. How those number’s are misleading to you is beyond me. Also, Egbunu has been out since last year. They made a deep tournament run w/o and he hasn’t even practiced with the team since last year, so how in the world would they be adjusting to playing without him when he hasn’t been apart of anything they’ve done since February of 2017. Also another FYI, the committee no longer factors into winning or losing your last 8, 10, 12 or whatever the strictly look at your entire resume. So, it’s comical to me that you would use them as a comparison of a team that’s just doing so much better than us, when in actuality they are under performing worse than we are considering where they were projected to be.

As far as Auburn, it’s pretty self explanatory why that isn’t a good comparison. You know, because they are… CHEATING and UNDER FBI INVESTIGATION. I’m sure if CMA was able to give cash out to recruits, he would have have us with a team lead by a 5 star SG, top 50 PG, and a 20 PPG grad transfers that fit his system perfectly as well. Call me crazy but they may be the difference. Because Pearl’s last 3 years in the conference he’s finished 13th, 13th, and 11th, but he’s so much better at coaching than CMA :roll:

SDHog wrote: ↑Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:44 pm
This … classic example of what I mentioned in another thread… Mike is above the program… We’re not as good so they must cheat. We’re under-performing… It doesn’t matter who you compare us to… why? why do we need to constantly defend CMA? If you’re happy with the current state of the program then fine… say so, that you’re okay with hopefully making the tournament then okay… but otherwise you can tell me how “successful” the program has been but still have your hopes in “next year”… sad.

Blu wrote: ↑Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:58 pm
What are you talking dude? “We’re not as good, so they must cheat” THEY DO CHEAT LOL. I didn’t make this up. It was all over the news, CBS, espn, twitter, and you know everywhere. This is freakin common knowledge. They have 2 players that have already been declared ineligible. They have an assistant coach in Chuck Person’s that was fired and is looking like he may face some jail time. A simple google search would provide you with all this information. You would think someone that is so opinionated on every single thing would actually fact check something every once in a while, guess not…

I don’t know what CMA did to you. But, your hatred for him is unreal, it makes it to where someone can’t even have a civil conversation with you. Somebody PMed me the first time I argued with you and told me not to even engage with you because it’s pointless. Looks like they were right. And I’m taking their advice now. I’m ignoring you from now on. You don’t offer any type of basketball knowledge, you don’t fact check anything, you just make up stuff as you go. Have fun with that, I won’t entertain you ever again.

Hog Treat wrote:
This post is Exhibit B
“Somebody PMed me the first time I argued with you and told me not to even engage with you because it’s pointless. Looks like they were right. And I’m taking their advice now. I’m ignoring you from now on.”

This just keeps getting more weird as he attacks.
Our players and CCM deserve our support. This is a good hire.

Dude what in the blue moon are you talking about?

#1 - This isn’t KARK, the Pigpen, KATV, ABC 123, or whatever else websites your on.

#2 - I like how you keep trying to give me a psychoanalysis of myself when your on here losing it and accusing people of being in secret message board groups with the goal of “gaining favor with the owners.”

#3 - This is a razorback BASKETBALL message board. Why don’t you try talking about razorback basketball sometime. Notice how all the posts you quoted from me are talking about BASKETBALL. All your posts are about conspiracy theories and you trying to diagnose somebody with a message board disease. If you want to pretend to be a message board psychologist and talk about message board conspiracy theories I’m sure there’s somewhere on the internet for you to talk about those things. This is not the place, and I think I speak for myself and everybody in our secret message board group when I say, nobody wants to hear any of that crap.

And P.S. learn how to use the quote feature on the board instead of copy and pasting and italicizing everything, your post looks a hot mess.