Did anyone notice the Bucknell team

we beat by 40 led Maryland by 15 at half at MD last Saturday and lost by 2, missing a game-tying shot at the buzzer?

They’ve played a brutal schedule (@Ark, @UNC, @MD, and lost by 1 @ Monmouth, a team that often makes the Ncaat).

I expect Bucknell to win a lot of games and be a nice little schedule stuffer for us to go with an already very solid OOC slate–Okla, UNC, UCONN, OK St, Minnesota, Houston, etc.

Our RPI and BPI and SOS are going to be very solid.

I agree with you about our OOC schedule except that Okie State is picked toward the bottom of the Big XII. We should manhandle them when we play them.

Maybe so. They are a “name”. I assumed they would be decent. We will see.

We need Oklahoma, UConn, and Minnesota to win a lot of conference games. Bucknell will be a bonus.
Our RPI today is sitting at 11. If we play well in Houston and come home and beat Minnesota we could potentially start conference play with only 1 loss. This is the year we beat Kentucky. The teams that we should beat we need to beat in conference play. Those are Miss St, Ole Miss, Vandy, Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn, Tennessee, Missouri, LSU and Kentucky. We need to split in these games
Alabama, Texas A&M and Florida.
Kentucky is over rated and we should beat them. We should win 13 conference games and get a 5 seed or better in the Dance.
If Garland gets cleared to play it could be a huge boost to the line up. This is the best a Hog team has looked this early in the season in 25 years.