Did anyone here go to the 1992 SEC Tournament?

I’m working on something and would like to talk with anyone who went to that tournament in Birmingham. Please let me know if you did. Thanks.

I was in the sand box! I know some folks that did go I’ll call and have them holler at you! I don’t know if they get on this board!
If they don’t can they call you at WHS?

I’m not in the office much, so just have them email me - mojones@nwadg.com. Thanks.

I will pass it along to them!

Matt, I sent an email to David Alphin asking him to contact you. He has been to tournaments for some 40+ years.

I was there.

I was there. The look of disbelief of the Kentucky fans when the Hogs entered the arena and our fans started calling the hogs was priceless!! They were shocked at how many hog fans were in the arena.

I was there, got to see the LSU-Tennessee brawl up close. Arkansas carried it’s Southwest Conference tradition of dominating the ticket sales over to Birmingham. We had about half the crowd, the other teams, including Kentucky used up the rest. Kentucky had the next most for sure, then probably Alabama, then LSU. We won the regular season title, but got beat by a late 3 by Bama in the semi’s. Roosevelt Wallace missed the front end of a one and one with about 20 seconds remaining that could have given us a 4 point lead. Birmingham was a popular location for SEC tournaments for several years before that, but that’s the last time it has been held there. We played the 2nd afternoon game on Friday for our first game, when the players came and sat in the stands during the 2nd half of the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game a huge roar came up from Hog fans, followed by a loud Hog Call. We announce our presence to the SEC at that moment. They noticed.

I was there. In the early minutes of the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game I was wondering how many of those in red were Arkansas fans and maybe not from other schools who also wore red in the SEC? Would it be like Reunion Arena when Arkansas had most of the tickets for the SWC tournament? It didn’t take long to find out. I was in the arena watching Kentucky play when the Arkansas team came into the baseline seats to watch some of the game. There was a roar like nothing Kentucky fans had ever heard. Those in red – and it seemed like about half the arena – stood up and began calling the Hogs. Kentucky fans were in stunned silence. It was then that I realized that almost everyone in red in the arena – and it was a lot – were cheering for the Razorbacks.

I was there as well. I share the same thoughts as Clay.

The Alabama team we lost to on Saturday had some players on it as well. Great game with tons of athleticism on the floor

Y’all remember it well. We had been living in Birmingham since 1989. We were so excited when the Hogs moved to the SEC.

I was there as well.

With a new computer since Shaq’s inbound pass against the Arkansas press at LSU landed on top of and destroyed my computer.

I appreciate all of your input and thoughts about that tournament. It helped in writing this piece in recognition of the Razorbacks playing their 50th SEC Tournament game tomorrow night. The story will publish early tomorrow.

I was there as well and that moment is probably the most memorable one I have had when the Hogs were NOT playing and I went to a lot of the Barnhill South SWC tourneys. I agree with all of the above statements and sentiments what fun it was to see the UK fans look stunned and totally awed by that initial hog call. Hope to see the same in St. Louis tomorrow. WPS

A look at Arkansas’ influence on the SEC Tournament and its more memorable moments as the Razorbacks play their 50th SEC Tournament game: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ndeniable/

I was there. It was stinking awesome when they walked in.

Yep - we were there

Were in the process of moving from Memphis to Atlanta…