Did anyone hear M. Irwin

on Bo’s show today? Said his “Springdale source” assured him that it doesn’t matter whether GM beats UGA, loses anywhere along the way, or wins it all - He is coming to Arkansas, because he absolutely despises Auburn; that he wants to come here as bad as Ark wants him. (this is a close paraphrase of Irwin’s response to Bo about his knowledge on the matter). Mike also said this is the same person who told him long before JL was let go that he was going to be fired. He said some other things that were interesting, but I found this particular commentary interesting because it is almost exactly what I posited earlier here. That is, if the PTB fired Long they must have had a very high degree of certainty that GM was coming over after this season no matter how his Auburn team finished.

Obviously, This is more rumor and hearsay, but at least his source didn’t say, no way… Gus is locked into Auburn after his fantastic finish.

I have always trusted and liked Mike Irwin he seems to always have good sources. If this happens he will be on top of the world.

Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele and Offensive Coorsinator Chip Lindsay are being considered for head coaching jobs. If Gus leaves then they will be cleaning house too!

That would certainly be a way to tell them to “shove it”.

Win the whole thing then say “Adios”

i heard there was a bobby petrino sighting in auburn

I still don’t think he comes. BUT if he did that’s the scenario-a big double boom at AU and all his haters here.

Like any ultra successful person Gus is an egomaniac. This would give him the opportunity to have the last laugh on AU, Hog Haters, Bielema, etc.

I just can’t imagine it happening, though. But the Irwin thing gives me pause. He knows NWA people so I bet they are hearing things from people in position to know.

But, are we being played?

Nope !!

So, if this is true, lets talk timing.

He loses to UGA, OK, we announce right away.

He beats UGA. A. He announces he is leaving AU for Arkansas before the playoff (I just don’t see it); B. We wait until AU loses sometime January to announce. (I don’t see how we can do that, if the deal falls through we miss the early signing period AND all the good coaches are gone)

I just don’t see how this can work out if AU beats UGA.

Just said this on another thread’ word coming out of AUB involving GUS, three letters: NFL

I’ve been following Mike Erwin for probably 40 years. He is a jewel. His info may not be totally true in this situation, but I wouldn’t bet against him. He has never sugar coated anything, and if he thinks his contact is reputable, then believe it.

I trust Mike Irwin, too. I still don’t see it happening despite his source’s confidence. I have no doubt his source is someone who’d “know” but I’m still skeptical the source isn’t just believing what he wants to believe. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. I’ve always heard it from someone who quotes big donors in NWA (probably Springdale.)

I’ve become convinced that Gus is indeed Plan A & that he would indeed come, but I still don’t see him leaving if they win the SECCG & get into the playoffs. He’d have a strong chance of winning it all. I can’t imagine the UA can wait until the last game is played & I can’t imagine AU letting him stay if he announces before they’re played.

If the people involved in this are so sure that Gus is coming, slam dunk even if he wins the NC, then why are they spending all that money on search firms?

So when Gus doesn’t come, and we get Plan D,E,F…they (money spenders) can point fingers at someone else and say not our fault when we look worse than we already do, but hopefully we all remember this and remind them.

maybe to offset the blowback from JCP’s presser remarks that she alone will select a coach after she gets tacit thumbs up from the chancellor.

If Gus does come here, was really hoping Kevin Steele came with. We need him as much or more than Gus.

This very thing has been reported, mentioned, pointed to, whatever, for several weeks now on FB, radio, and anywhere people will listen. The PTB and most of the fans in general at Auburn have grown weary of Gus for better than a year now. Those of us that can remember how things were when Ken Hatfield was fired here, it’s much the same there. The number of wins ain’t enough, can’t beat so and so, can’t win the big one, don’t like the style of play, etc…

I think you may be right.

I wonder though if some Auburn minds have changed after he beat 2 #1 teams over last couple weeks?

No disrespect to Mike Irwin and his sources but the chances of us waiting until January to hire Gus would have to be less than 1%. I just don’t see how that would be feasible. Even if Auburn loses to UGA I think the chances of hiring Gus are low. I would like to see it happen but it just doesn’t seem plausible.

It is time to narrow our focus to Norvell or Venables. Those are the top two realistic choices in my opinion.

Mike is right on here, and, as far as I can tell, he got ahead of all the other media peoples on this. It’s time for the insiders on this board to catch up to this story.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … -searches/